Denver Direct: Stop the Greed

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stop the Greed

In an e-mail to CenturyLink Chief Executive Officer Glen Post, a company employee in Denver candidly presents his/her opinion of the proposed labor contract:
Dear Mr. Post
The contract offering to the rank & file is an affront to all the values the company claims to profess.
You & your bargaining team show disdain & disrespect for our union.  Although you are a member in good standing of the most ominous union in these great United States. The fraternity of “good old boys”!
You sit on each other boards & determine your compensation under the guise of “free market”, lavishing yourselves with obscene pay packages.  You then have the unmitigated gall to offer substandard compensation & benefits packages to the working class under the premise of remaining competitive!
In my 35+ year tenure with the company my wages have increased exactly 10 times.  My benefits package has been reduced 25%.  
One of the company’s guiding principles is fairness.  Is this why in the last 35 years CEO compensation has increased by a multiple of 60?
This contract offering is a disgrace!  It will be soundly rejected by the rank & file. A strike will most surely follow.  The COMPETITION will move quickly to cherry pick attractive company assets.  Management & labor will needlessly suffer.
Stop the greed.  Offer a contract to the fine working people of this company based on the values you claim to embrace!
(Name Withheld on Request)
Denver, Co.