Denver Direct: August 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Development at 22nd and Marion – meeting onsite tomorrow (8/29/13) at 5:00 pm

Developer is going to need a zoning variance to build 5-story (70 ft high) on a 3-story lot. No affordable housing included. Note that the meeting is going to be held outdoors on the site, and that chairs will be provided. 
Heads-up: the developer is represented by The Pachner Company. Here’s a quote from Marcus Pachner’s Linked-In page: Marcus Pachner is the President and founder of The Pachner Company. Marcus worked for Denver City Council for many years and has extensive connections to elected officials, appointees and staff at all levels of local government. 

(Click to enlarge developer’s handout from the first meeting )

On Marion looking south. Note crane at hospital redevelopment in background.
SE Corner of 22nd and Marion

Drawing taken from Zoning Code for illustrative purposes only.