Denver Direct: All Things MMJ – with Jessica LeRoux – July 22, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

All Things MMJ – with Jessica LeRoux – July 22, 2012

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    Hey Now,

Writing tonight with a heavy heart about the shooting rampage in Aurora. That mall is just miles from where we had our Blood Drive breakfast last Tuesday. I am not going to spend much time lamenting since there is no “why” that will make sense of that young man’s deadly actions, instead I am going to focus on what we as a group can do to improve things. America really needs to wake up to the fact that Human Beings are a dangerous plaything and stop our violent & greedy culture if we still can. 
‎7/20/12 Bonfils has put out a call for donations – Types O- A- and platlette donors specifically, but also all types to replentish the 300+ units distributed to hospitals already for this violence. Call 303 363-2300 to make an appt. And remember to use code 7165 to be counted in the MCCBD which unknowingly was thankfully already underway when local need was greatest. 

Please share this info and help spread the word to all you know who may be eligible to donate blood.


putting things in perspective: Blood from drive donors who gave at Tuesday morning’s breakfast is already pumping through victim’s veins. 
See Blood drive pix from Tuesday’s breakfast kickoff. You will note that Bonfils gave the Donors a stylish blue shirt, if you see a patient shopping with you while wearing one hook em up with some donor appreciation! If you have one wear it to work to help spread the word! 
and in other news

Tuesday is the day for delivery to the Springs, and all points south so get your orders in right away. 

wednesday delivery to Boulder, louisville, longmont, garden city, berthoud, etc… so lemme know if that is your route! 
Thursday is always the City of Denver metro area ~!
and this Friday I will be doing a live in store at Durango Healing Center in their new post Walsh-letter location from 3-7pm so my regular Friday delivery will be arriving early or on Saturday as routing for my event appearance permits! If you are in or near the four corners this Friday come meet some awesome folks with sweet new meds in Durango @  555 Camino del Rio! 

following this story from April…

Lets consider a vote for Jill Stein in November! No seriously, most of us are very unhappy with Obama and his treatment of our industry, Mitt Romney is a fucking Ass Clown and certainly as a mormon no more likely to support MMJ, why not support a third party? I am so ready for a viable 3rd party to shake things up but it will never happen if we keep voting for “the lesser evil” to avoid the greater evil. so lets vote our heart and conscious. 

These fuckers have been “interested” for 40 fucking years since Irv and Elvy began with the Federal patient program. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah… 

Gotta love San Fran! 

Got a minute to do a good deed? Write a letter to a Fed MMJ prisoner and freedom fighter and personal friend of mine. Instead of watching a u-tube video tonight, write a letter to Eddy, it does not matter that he doesnt know you, he’s in a TX fucking prison for a plant, for fucks sake. Write about your journey as a MMJ business owner or as a patient, tell him a joke, whatever, and if you can send him a couple bucks to buy supplies to write letters back please, being in jail isnt free you know. 
Eddy Lepp has been moved to Texas and needs our support and letters:
CHARLES LEPP 90157-011
P.O Box 300
FCI La Tuna
Anthony New Mexico, TX 88021

this was shared by my friend cynthia, she makes a very good point here. 

SALES: you know, the discounts you get for ordering by 7pm on Monday! 
THIS IS THE FINAL WEEK FOR TOFFEE ICED COFFEE CHEESECAKES! seriously we switch it up for August next week, so get your goodness ordered now, if you order by 7pm monday your cakes will only be $6.25 each not $6.50… after tuesday I get the quarter! 
Chocolates! order 20 chocolates (Triple Crown’s not included) by 7pm on Monday and pay just $80! saving is fun! 
Confucious Crunch: sales of this spicy nut sack have skyrocketed over the last month and we are not complaining, we always knew this product was a phenom, but sometimes it takes a while for word of mouth to spread… If you order by 7pm on monday your sacks of nuts will only cost you $4 each! for 85 spicy hot active THC milligrams…. get outta town! 
there that’s the sales for this week, lemme know what you want ASAP, cause knowing helps me plan! 
And do not forget the blood drive, it really does boil down to you actually participating! 
Have a great Sunday, I will be calling you to check in this week and see what you need, but you can always tell me what else is going on with you too, that is how I pretend I have a life… by vicariously enjoying your triumphs and follies! 
Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
303 922 3661 
PS while I was making my deliveries I realized the name change had thrown me off back in the eighties and I did not recognize the sheer genius of John Cougar ne Mellencamp until I was getting my classic rock on in the car and he put every thing into perspective… “I need a lover who wont drive me crazy”… fuck yeah that is the truth!