Denver Direct: July 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – July 29, 2012

Hey now,
some changes coming down the chute this week, including new chocolate tiering, a new Flavor of the Month, and an accurate pricing sheet! All that will be below the MMJ stories and political round up, and after the Sales section… so at the very least this week make sure you scroll down past the homework and read your new price sheet! thank you! 
Lil bit of Good news… due to the increase in demand for appointments to go give blood from people of all walks of life after the Dark Knight shooting last week we have extended the MCCBD for two more weeks Through August 15th, to give all interested in participating time to make an appointment and save lives. Thank you all for your continued interest in making a difference. Go to ANY Bonfils location, and Remember to use code 7165 to be registered as a member of the Medical Cannabis Community Blood Drive.
Learn more and Invite folks you know to join us…
This type of closure has already occurred in Douglas Country, Dacano, Longmont, etc, etc….
the latest stats from CDPHE on patient numbers, another minor uptick, but hell, we’ll take the new patients, welcome Friends!
As you likely already know I am personally supporting I-70 because I think it is better for Colorado than A64, but 64 has the cash, that much is obvious… y’all do what you think best! 
With similarities in our legal definitions, this has unpleasant implications for our industry, I will be following this story in coming weeks.

Mickey Martin’s Coverage of the Harborside kurfuffle shows that we arent the only state where pooping in the pool where you swim is common in this industry

no wonder babies are always sleeping, inarticulate, and shitting themselves, Blame Mom!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Trees add value

Tree Applications available NOW
The Park People’s
4th Annual Denver Digs Trees
Fall Shade Tree Distribution
Apply Online:
or contact The Park People at 303-722-6262
Deadline for applications: September 1
Tree pick-up: October 6
These trees are strictly for your yard (on private property),
NOT along the street in the public right-of-way.
(For street-side trees, consider our spring street tree program.)
Trees are only $25 each
and Free to residents in our target neighborhoods
(Trees this size usually sell for $100+)