Denver Direct: All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – July 29, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – July 29, 2012

Hey now,
some changes coming down the chute this week, including new chocolate tiering, a new Flavor of the Month, and an accurate pricing sheet! All that will be below the MMJ stories and political round up, and after the Sales section… so at the very least this week make sure you scroll down past the homework and read your new price sheet! thank you! 
Lil bit of Good news… due to the increase in demand for appointments to go give blood from people of all walks of life after the Dark Knight shooting last week we have extended the MCCBD for two more weeks Through August 15th, to give all interested in participating time to make an appointment and save lives. Thank you all for your continued interest in making a difference. Go to ANY Bonfils location, and Remember to use code 7165 to be registered as a member of the Medical Cannabis Community Blood Drive.
Learn more and Invite folks you know to join us…
This type of closure has already occurred in Douglas Country, Dacano, Longmont, etc, etc….
the latest stats from CDPHE on patient numbers, another minor uptick, but hell, we’ll take the new patients, welcome Friends!
As you likely already know I am personally supporting I-70 because I think it is better for Colorado than A64, but 64 has the cash, that much is obvious… y’all do what you think best! 
With similarities in our legal definitions, this has unpleasant implications for our industry, I will be following this story in coming weeks.

Mickey Martin’s Coverage of the Harborside kurfuffle shows that we arent the only state where pooping in the pool where you swim is common in this industry

no wonder babies are always sleeping, inarticulate, and shitting themselves, Blame Mom!
our newest ad, you can get copies of this to attach to your website call me at 303 922 3661… 
Did you notice that we have increased our active THC dosages across the board, not that we needed to, but Y’all are serving gluttons… and we are willing to work with that!
now that I have your attention 
The new Flavor for August 2012 will be Palisade Peach, I know this isnt a surprise exactly, since this will be the third August we have offered the Palisade, but we get rabid requests to bring it back all year long, so I think your patients will be very happy to get their fresh juicy peaches starting this week! Palisade Peach is a Gluten Free Vanilla Cheesecake on a GF Gingersnap crust, Topped with chunks of fresh local peaches, dredged in cinnamon sugar and medicated butter! This bad baby comes in at 115mg active THC, and has a wholesale price of $6.50. Please order in advance if you can remember, these require some serious prep time. If you order by 7pm on Monday the 30th, we will give you your 1st baker’s dozen Palisades for only $6 each, all others will be $6.50, thank you! 
Chocolates: As you know we now have the Triple Crown at 115mg active THC, which has become very very popular, and we recently bumped the other 12 flavors of Chocolates up to 65mg active THC each… so to add to the uptick in sales we have seen with the three tiered dosing structure that we have embraced with the new color coded labels we are now splitting the remaining 12 flavors into 6 standard 65mg offerings, and 6 mid-tier 85mg options… I picked what would be stronger still based on what would be easiest to medicate the cores of while maintaining the deliciousness your patients love us for… so the new chocolate info is:
65 Mg chocolate flavors wholesale priced at $4.20 each…. (labels this color!) 
Dark Stars (oreo)
Twist Arounds (twix) 
Hippy Speed Balls (organic Fair trade espresso beans) 
Almond Bros (roasted Almonds) 
Rising Sun (ginger and cashews) 
Ladies in the Sun (coconut) 
New! 85 Mg chocolate flavors wholesale priced at $5 each… (labels this color) *
Reefy’s (Peanut Butter) 
Euphoria (Organic Peppermint) 
Soulshine (Dark Chocolate with a Milk Chocolate core) 
Terrapins (Pecans & Caramel) 
West Evans Fade Away (Pretzels and Marshmallow) 
Freshies Crunch (Crisp Rice) 
*(Orders of remaining in stock 65 Mg dosages of these flavors will be sold for $3.90 this week or until supplies run out). 
order now for best selection. 

Deal of the Week! Order any 75 Items mix and match all lines by 7pm on Monday the 30th and get 6% off of your order… if this isnt your delivery week, I will still give you this deal on your week if you respond by 7pm Monday and reserve your savings for your week! 


***NEW Twirling Hippy Confections LLC WHOLESALE PRICING SCHEDULE*** as of August 2012. 
Our prices will now be based on the color coded dosage tiering rather than the product line… this will make things easier on your budtending team when ringing up sales, (hopefully)! 

Green Labels (approx 65 Mg, standard cheesecakes, and chocolates.) will still be priced at $4.20 wholesale, my hope is that you will retail these for approx $7 each… 

Purple Labels (approx 85Mg, Kinship Bars, German Chocolate cheesecakes, mid-tier chocolates, Savory Nuts.) will now be priced at $5 wholesale, my hope is that MMC’s will retail these for $8-$9 each… 

Pink Labels (approx 120Mg, Flavors of the Month, Triple Crowns.) will be priced at $6.00 to $6.75 wholesale (depending on if they have Medallion cores, which require lots of prep work) my hope is that these will retail around $10-$12 each… 
Wholesale price on Triple Crowns will now be $6 each. 

Minimum Order is 15 units (18 units for areas more than 1 hour from Denver)… All orders of 65 units or more (any mix and match, all product lines) will automatically receive a 5% discount as a thank you for making our delivery really worth the trip! 


unnesc. personal sharing section:  Long rainy weekend on the road to rural deliveries, after I dried out I found and harvested wild organic Golden Plums, Apricots, and early Apples… already made a gluten free apricot crumble tart, and making a ginger golden plum jelly now, then all the apples go into the crock pot when I get home to make tart apple sauce to can for winter… free organic wildcrafted food requires a lil work now, but tastes so good all winter long….

Have an awesome week, make an appointment and go as a team to Bonfils to give that blood for the MCCBD! and dont forget to support a farmer, eat some fresh local produce while it is in season… yum! 

thanks for being in the Cheesecake Posse, we couldn’t do this without you. 
Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
2145 W Evans, Denver CO

303 922 3661