Denver Direct: From Occupy Denver Facebook Page

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From Occupy Denver Facebook Page

Sure, it MAY be a coincidence that we had just announced to march on our state Senators tomorrow AND that it just so happens to be ‘National Bill of Rights Day’ and we got served this notice. Either way —— WE STAND!!! —- First off …. 24/7 (Family of Love) is asking for donations of wood to fortify their part of the occupation camp. Second…. We ‘ll be growing some Tent Monsters on site (Grrrr….) to welcome our oppressors ~~~ Please come down by 10:00 am if you want to be a tent monster. And Lastly… This Saturday is #D17 National Day of Action in which Occupy Wall Street will be officially re-Occupying at Duarte Park in New York. Isn’t it fitting that one of the first cities to get violently evicted (Denver) is called to stand up for their 1st Amendment right to Occupy space first, again??? COINCIDENCE??? ~ Hope to see you ALL TOMORROW!!! — P.s. this march is STILL ON —-> — (take THAT, 1%)