Denver Direct: December 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

Occupy Albany – Great Video


If you've been following Occupy Denver, you may be aware that police have been ticketing supporters for stopping to drop off contributions and/or honking in support. I had dropped off supplies during the early weeks but couldn't rationalize getting a ticket with this new DPD selective enforcement policy in place. So I tried to figure out a way I could get some supplies to them (by myself) and minimize the chances I'd be ticketed. The vidie above demonstrates how I did it.

(Sorry I missed the "money shot" of the bag falling from the window, but you can hear the window opening and the Occupier shouting thanks.) I'm not recommending that anyone else try this. Obviously there are other infractions for which I could have been stopped - littering comes to mind.

I am also aware that there has been considerable complaining from those who disagree with what OD has been doing lately and how they have been doing it. Yes, I've been down there and witnessed drunkenness, pot smoking, and crazies yelling at each other. But know this: as long as there are people of any description continuing to Occupy Denver, I will do my damnedest to support them in any way I can.