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Friday, August 8, 2008

Carla’s Contributions

Editorials and comments called upon Councilperson Carla Madison to show some leadership and call a neighborhood meeting. When finally it happened on Tuesday, 8/5, it was soon rendered moot by the decision of Tent State announced on Friday, 8/8, to move to Cuernavaca Park.

But interesting, none the less. She spoke to the issue for about 30 seconds.

Update: From Carla

Hello Neighbors;

I just returned from a press conference where we announced that Tent State University will be moving their event from CityPark to Cuernavaca Park and the Denver Coliseum. I feel this is a win-win for everyone. Their assembly events will be held in that park which is within the Special Event Zone. This means that there the City provides the portables, sanitation and water which will save them that expense and planning. They also won’t have to meet a list of conditions like they would have had to for City Park because, again, it is within the extraordinary event zone. They will be closer to the DNC events and the Pepsi Center and this site will better fit all their needs. The large concert on Wednesday is going to be held in the Coliseum and they will be allowed to camp on the grounds of the Coliseum every night of the DNC. Many are still wanting to go down to the protest area to spend the night but at least they will have an option and they can choose where they want to spend the night. Tents will be allowed at the Coliseum.

I have been encouraging the City to help find them a better spot and I want to thank the Mayors Office, Theaters and Arenas and especially the Parks Department for all their help with this new solution as well as their help all along with the Tent State arrangements in City Park. I want to thank the neighbors for all their cooperation and the fact that we were all prepared to allow this event to happen and welcome these kids into our Park. I am very proud to say that although there were the extreme views expressed, overall the neighborhoods were very supportive of Tent State being able to exercise their First Amendment Rights and hold their event here. I also want to acknowledge Tent State for their efforts to reach out and meet with the neighborhoods to make people feel more comfortable and inform us of what they are all about.

I know that many of us were looking forward to some aspect of having Tent State here in City Park but I think all of us will be a bit relieved that they won’t be leaving the Park and walking through our neighborhoods to get to wherever they were going to sleep for the night. I know that I personally will sleep better at night and be able to enjoy the DNC more knowing that late night confrontations at City Park will not become a reality. We’ll be sending out a list of events that are open to the public, including some at City Park within the next week.

Thank you all again,

Carla Madison

City Councilwoman District 8

303-587-6543 cell 303-298-7641

Office 2713 Welton Street, 80205

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