Denver Direct: December 2005

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Anti-Bush Demonstration Denver 11-29-05

I got two or three emails about this demonstration and I decided to try out my new extensible monopod. It’s a single-leg support for the Sony VX2000 that can be raised up to 10′ and with a lanc wire running back down to hand level, it makes for a steady above-most-heads platform. I’m looking for an inexpensive LCD panel at eye-level.

Thanks to the effort of very good driver(s) the billboards on wheels seemed to be everywhere. I called them “fantactic” because I think they are a fantastic tactic.

While Bush was inside giving an 18-minute speech, he raised $500,000 for Marilyn Musgrave, infamously anti-gay.

Click here to watch ‘Denver-Demonstration-11-29-05’