Denver Direct: Greedy Guts

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Greedy Guts

It sure is hard to figure out the truth when you listen to all of the TV ads telling you that Colorado will crumble unless we give the government more of our money and vote yes on C and D. But I found a site that will give you every last detail of the whole debate (click on title). Ari Armstrong of The Colorado Freedom Report has all of the numbers and analysis you could want. I quote the final paragraph:

“State government is expected to continue to grow every year into the future no matter what. Under Referendum C, state government would grow much more. If the growth of state spending is restrained under current rules, taxpayers will get back significant TABOR-related refunds — a total of $3.6 billion over five years. Under Referendum C, taxpayers wouldn’t get back any TABOR-related refunds over the next five years, but the legislature would be able to spend even more money.”