Denver Direct: C ollect and D istribute

Thursday, September 29, 2005

C ollect and D istribute

I know eventually I’ll have to write about the upcoming Colorado election and its so-called ballot issues know as referenda C and D. My problem is that I remember the results of similar votes over the last 34 years.

Every time the Denver or Colorado voters are given a chance to hurt themselves by voting to increase their taxes in exchange for more “services” (or the threat of decreased “services”), we fall for the ads and vote against our own interests. Like letting 62,000 of us who voted for it create the monster that will be the new, world-class Denver Justice Center (Jail). This behemoth will provide us with problems for the next 5 years, and its already started with the land-swap to allow a 35-story building next to Larimer Square.

Prediction: If it is actually built, the Final Tab on the Justice Center will top ONE BILLION DOLLARS! Since we gave them a blank check, this won’t be a problem (for them).

So I say, Go Ahead Colorado, vote yes on C and D and give them another blank check for THREE BILLION + (their estimate). Don’t complain when you can’t pay your heating bill (cost of natural gas is already set to double from last year) or fill up your tank on that $4.00 unleaded. Just start walking to keep warm!