Denver Direct: Meeting of Coleman Manor Neighbors and Representatives

Friday, August 5, 2005

Meeting of Coleman Manor Neighbors and Representatives


Coleman Manor is a HUD subsidized housing project at 22nd and Humboldt in Denver, Colorado. Built in 1968, the project consists of 24 rental units owned by the Campbell Chapel A.M.E. Church, located nearby. In recent years, the project has become a magnet for criminal activities, much to the consternation of its nearby neighbors (see police statistics below). Recently, the second murder in 18 months at this property propelled the neighbors to action. A meeting was called and hosted by the City Park West Neighborhood Association on July 13, 2005. Over 200 flyers, announcing the meeting, were distributed in the project, and the 9 blocks surrounding the project. The following videos were taken at that meeting.

Technical Note: In order to view these videos, you must have a broadband internet connection such as DSL or cable modem. First download the free Google Video Viewer. Click on this link and then click on “Download Video Viewer”. This process only takes a few minutes.

Part 1 Nearby neighbor voices concerns over drinking taking place on the Church property. Church spokesperson Reverend and Attorney Felicia George counters that this is part of their Ministry.

Part 2 Church spokesperson Reverend and Attorney Felicia George explains how to register a complaint.

Part 3 A young resident at Coleman Manor explains her point of view.

Part 4 Mr. Simpson, representing the Church, responds to the suggestion that Coleman Manor provide security at the site.

Part 5 Nearby neighbors and a business owner express concern over panhandling, fighting, indecent exposure and public urination. Reverend Regina Groff, pastor at the church, enters the meeting room.

Part 6 Neighbor from across the street speaks about her experiences for the last 4 years and the recent murder. City Councilperson Elbra Wedgeworth details who is responsible.

Part 7 Reverend Regina Groff details her concerns and considerations.