Denver Direct: 2005

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Anti-Bush Demonstration Denver 11-29-05

I got two or three emails about this demonstration and I decided to try out my new extensible monopod. It’s a single-leg support for the Sony VX2000 that can be raised up to 10′ and with a lanc wire running back down to hand level, it makes for a steady above-most-heads platform. I’m looking for an inexpensive LCD panel at eye-level.

Thanks to the effort of very good driver(s) the billboards on wheels seemed to be everywhere. I called them “fantactic” because I think they are a fantastic tactic.

While Bush was inside giving an 18-minute speech, he raised $500,000 for Marilyn Musgrave, infamously anti-gay.

Click here to watch ‘Denver-Demonstration-11-29-05’

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Seeing is Believing

"For many Coloradans, a tantalizing feature of Referendum C was restoration of the state's Senior Homestead Exemption, a valuable tax break for older homeowners that had been suspended because of state fiscal distress.

The Homestead Exemption wasn't specifically mentioned in C, but supporters pledged to use revenues freed up by passage of the referendum to restore the program, which covers residents 65 or older who have owned their homes for at least 10 years. We were glad that state officials have quickly put the wheels in motion.

The homestead law exempts 50 percent of the first $200,000 of the actual value of eligible homes. The savings won't mean much for the wealthy, but for other seniors, it could translate into extra groceries or needed medicine. The savings will average about $500 annually per property."