Denver Direct: Notes from the A64 meetings by Jessica LeRoux

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Notes from the A64 meetings by Jessica LeRoux

reprinted with permission

today’s Criminal Enforcement sub-workgroup meeting of the A-64 task force was not very encouraging… 10-15 minute E-warrants for blood draws, and non-medical professional applied blood draws were on the list, as well as the “conflict” in 64 over possessing the whole weight of a 6 plant grow in the home when the wording clearly states possession limit is one ounce… Banning of “social clubs” discussed and endorsed, removing a child from the home for child endangerment if parents smoke in front of them (lets recall that seeing dad having a beer with dinner is what most kids see everyday, and we voted to regulate like alcohol.) Limiting plants counts per house no matter how many adults live in the house, and about 20 other bullet points along this vein were given serious credence, and worst of all the public was forced to speak 1st , so we were unable to rebut any misguided or unscientific points that the working group of 4 members made…