Denver Direct: THC WEEKLY NEWS by Jessica LeRoux – September 23, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

THC WEEKLY NEWS by Jessica LeRoux – September 23, 2013

Hey Now,

If you do one thing i recommend this week it would be drop everything and go to the DOR office on Peirce st TODAY for the application workshop:

Retail Marijuana Licensing Information Announcement
September 18, 2013
The Marijuana Enforcement Division will host two retail marijuana licensing information workshops on Monday, September 23rd. The workshops will be held at 1881 Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80214 in Conference Room 110 (Entrance . The first workshop will begin at 10:00 AM and the second at 1:30 PM; the Division expects each session to last approximately 90 minutes. The same information will be provided at both sessions. The workshops will consist of a presentation by Marijuana Enforcement Division personnel and Q&A period. Please note, these workshops are only informational sessions for prospective licensees and applications will not be accepted.
I attended the city of Denver meeting last tuesday and here are the highlights and there was a BUNCH of state info released there too so everybody ought to read this
#1 the state will release the state rec application Tuesday the 24th.
#2 the city will release there city rec application monday the 23rd. 
(both should be posted on their websites) 
#3 the state is taking applications by appointment 8 per day (which i personally feel is UNFAIR COMPETITION) with a 45-60 pay intake period anticipated. 
#4 the city will have a PRIVATE special meeting for the 1st 8 applicants to the state to review the application process on this thursday the 26th (i am going to insist this meeting be opened per sunshine laws) 
#5 hearings for the city will start Nov 4th in order state receives applications, 2 per day until they are all done, notice will be given to owners etc 2 weeks out� (hearing officer required to email results w/in 3 days) 
#6 if you still aren’t straight with the city you pretty much have till halloween to shit or get off the pot. (3 categories on posted list check your status with ruthie) 
#7 you must keep your medical license for 2 years to go rec. 
you can call me with more detailed questions re the meeting these are the highlights 303 922 3661 (but keep in mind if you are one of those people who call all the time with questions and never order any products we will call you names behind your back over here)! 
BULLSHIT VOTE NO ON AA�tell every patient in your doors to VOTE and VOTE NO ON AA  THink About it, No new taxes means no need for dual licensing, one price one place one license, fuck the state… Marijuana: Pot tax critics represent small minority, says Amendment 64 co-authorblogs.westword.comLast week, opponents of Proposition AA, the measure to establish tax rates for recreational marijuana, staged a rally at Civic…
AND� now from a paid lobbyist who doesn’t even smoke weed� note the only douche-orama who wants more taxes from you is already up the people in LEO ‘s ass, why would you trust this fuckwad? Michael Elliott talks about the Colorado marijuana industry and state pot taxes www.denverpost.comIn an interview with The Denver Post, Michael Elliott,vexecutive director of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group, discusses why the Colorado pot industry supports taxing itself.

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Thanks for reading, I hope that you all understand I want you to have this information to help all my independent owner operators survive these trying times, I rely on you as my retail partner to stay on top of these issues and stay in business! If you appreciate the news we are sharing with you, please order and promote Twirling Hippy Confections in your MMC! 
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