Denver Direct: ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux – July 8, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux – July 8, 2013

Ed. Note: Jessica needs our help to be selected as a member of the State Licensing Authority working group. Who could possibly be a better choice? Please email as suggested. 

If any of y’all would like to support my bid to be a part of Colorado’s A-64 rule making team please email [email protected] and ask please that Jessica LeRoux be chosen for the SLA working group. Thanks, you really only need that one sentence with my name saying you support my candidacy.

  • I am submitting my application to participate in the SLA process for the rules concerning implementation of A-64. This will be my second letter of intent, I sent a Letter to Barbara Brohl, Laura Harris & Ron Kamerzell back in April/May after attending every task force and legislative work group meeting, when the legislative session was winding down as I felt the group would likely begin immediately (as there is much work to do). 

    My Name is Jessica LeRoux
    I am the Owner of Twirling Hippy Confections founded in mid-2009, and the president of the Colorado Juror Education Project, Current member of the town of Nederland CO A-64 task force, as well as a past member of the Board of Directors of Act4CO. 
    you can contact me at 303 922 3661 or by email at [email protected] please feel free to reach me with any questions you may have. 
    My Qualifications:
    Twirling Hippy Confections is the oldest sole proprietorship licensed by Colorado to manufacture edibles, & the 1st to complete MMED renewal of any license for a MIPs this spring! I think my strong record of compliance is a real asset, but most importantly I can maintain timely progress because I understand the promulgation process, being the sole industry member on the original DOR/MMED rule making panel who is still in the business, *with no investigations for violation of MMED rules. I bring needed perspective from small business owners; Most of my clients are family owned and have a single location, not some big slick front range conglomerate insiders eating up the smaller competition due to unfair rules written for them during the promulgation of HB101284. It is very important that the small town owner operator model be given equal consideration to the desires of the large Lobbyist driven conglomerates who represent a mere minority of completed licensees. I personally deliver my company’s products (in the state’s only refrigerated truck dedicated to delivery of medicated products) thereby securing a solid relationship with my rural clients who do not have access to the big city politics up in Denver. I am well known throughout the state for putting the needs and concerns of rural patients and their providers on the legislative map (though we rarely get our voices heard over the din of all the bought -n- paid agendas coming at the industry from every side). 

    Thank you for considering me for a position in the working groups, I would be honored to once again provide a voice of reason on behalf of the smaller but noticeably more compliant businesses who prioritize paying their fees and following the rules rather than wasting money lobbying for rules to benefit their own profiteering agenda, but not paying to operate legally as many of the biggest operators are the ones who have been playing games with their investor money and not paying the MMED their much needed fees. 

    Thanks again, Now more than ever y’all really need some credible honest owner operators to represent the industry side without giving the state agency a black eye when they get caught with their pants on fire, please choose me, I wont let you down! 

    Jessica LeRoux 

    303 922 3661 
    2145 W Evans 

    Denver CO 80223

    Annotated A-64 rules and other Cannabis news of the week!‏

    Jessica LeRoux

    ** a note from the writer: as I was enjoying some lovely sunshine and free wifi at a friends house and typing up my annotated notes with my beloved dog at my feet a mean tempered hound came over and bit Panama all to hell sending my computer flying from my lap and prompting a 2 hour dash to find an emergency veterinarian. We ended up with a $700 vet bill but the vet was able to put  the skin back  on, and therefor save his entire leg! I got back to Denver but all my stuff is still at my friends house in the mountains including the pages I was working on… I did manage to settle him in under the desk and we can stay here tonight so he doesnt get bumped and jolted back up the hill… what i did not manage was to save a portion of the newsletter in progress, so Ive redone what I could recall, and plan to get my papers back and begin again on the type up for y’all as well as maybe sending anything else I can recall a bit later this week. Right now I dont have the emotional resources to start over so this is a truncated news letter thanks for reading anyway!

PS: I bet your wondering how a broke ass MIPs maker can afford a $700 vet bill? well honestly I cant, so if you can find it in your heart to make an order we’d be grateful, likewise paying any balance overdue at this time would be a really big help! 

Hey Now,

Ive read through the rules released last week that I sent you all last monday morning and annotated page by page for your enjoyment for this week! and of course all other relevant cannabis news, plus we have the new July flavors, a deal on our newest Wafers and of course a promotion of the Bananas F*Rasta! get your reading glasses out! ALSO::  Im doing the AIDS WAlk next month, and Id love it if any of you would sponsor my ass! Click here to make a donation in my name on behalf of the Giving Tree Team im walking with! You dont have to live here in CO to sponsor me (hint hint)…

PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND OVER THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND, The state may not have a laboratory capable of testing blood objectively, but that does not change the fact that the 5 nanogram DUID limit for THC goes into effect July 1st.

* this is the most important issue slipping right by our community at this time: the top three media darling candidates for AG are ALL avowed prohibitionists to a man, and they will be implementing what ever laws are enacted for cannabis in CO along with who ever replaces the Hickenchicken… this is actually gonna matter to us more than the new rules etc…. 
Waller is a fuck, Waller receieved the largest donations of any CO legislator last year from Corrections Industries the biggest of the three lobbying groups representing for profit prisons operating in CO, and Waller just happened to be the lil bitch that pushed the DUI limit through after being defeated earlier in the session.
Don Quick is no fucking better as an avowed prohibitionist and supporter of DUID limits for THC…
And dont even get started on Ken Buck the dumb fuck:
Scott Gessler is so fucking dirty and up AlEC’s ass it is laughable… and he’s rumored for the Gov’s office if the electorate is that fucking ignorant! 
*If y’all dont pay attention to this race you stand to loose all the so called “legalization” ground that CO has gained in recent years.
That said do you have to be an Atty to be Atty General? Cause if the options dont improve I might have to make a run, we gotta find a candidate for this job!

SMH this week; Gotta love the legal cannabis business in Colorado… Went to the Wellington Webb building Weds morning to pay the renewal on my MIPs kitchen license. (I’d been down 2x before but the city wide computer system was down) The girl who works in Excise (not Ruthie) who has been there the past two years that Ive gone in to do licensing stuff had to Holler out “how do we do a renewal of a MMJ business license?”… Not mocking her, she is perfectly smart its just that she’d never done a MMJ license renewal for any of the city’s cannabis businesses yet… REALLY???
Could this possibly be related to the fact that most MIPs are consolidated in big group kitchens that havent paid the fees on the 1st license for their kitchens at all yet??? 
 most MMCs will have their license posted on the wall, if it is presented horizontally it is only a certificate of application on file going back to 2010… the fully completed licenses are vertical, but then you wanna check the date on those… I have been doing front range deliveries since Rob made his move back to school and I saw 3 applications on file and 4 expired vertical licenses on the walls this week alone, only 4 accurate current licenses, and some places the MMC license was still active but the license on the OPC has expired (kinda alarming). But in the position im in as a forced wholesale only business, Im gonna let Laura Harris deal with the problem, if your MMCs are open and have any kind of license I consider them clients in “good” standing. I personally feel that patients have a right to ask a place they are spending their hard won cash in why their license is not current, and request their prefered MMCs get current ASAP to protect their access to the medicine they rely on.

Prison Legal News – Legal articles, cases and court decisionswww.prisonlegalnews.orgPrison Legal News – Legal articles, cases and court decisions Im wondering why sherriffs in CO are up in arms today fighting to overturn the state’s new gun laws enacted to promote safety for innocent victims of violence… but not one member of law enforcement is upset or has spoken out about the corruption in the state of Colorado’s toxicology lab, which is overrun with corruption and bias in the testing that convicts innocent people of falsified crimes. Could it really be that LEO’s dont take the protect and serve part of their oath as seriously as they take the joy they get from being bullies with guns!

geez I went to a free concert this weekend in winterpark and everybody was smoking and lots of kids were there and drunk parents, and the whole shebang… not one incident of one parent asking anybody not to smoke round their kids, and no whiny ass bitch-kids writting letters dictated by daddy so mommy would buy them a new Iphone! live and let live! 

Two x chromosomes and a side of Oxy!