Denver Direct: ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux – July 22, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux – July 22, 2013

  • MED’s runaway train: “the monkey’s got the locomotive under control”‏

Hey Now, 

Big locomotive right on time, left the engineer with a worried mind… 

Two meetings in and the stakeholders are zooming down the mountain and the brakes are still sitting at the station… meeting one on Wednesday of the premise, transport & storage group was plagued by unpreparedness… Meeting two (of my group) the licensed entities and inventory group had some lively debate and a few sneaky moves were attempted… we learned that the MED will have an allegedly secure system that only licensees can access to submit manifests (i am writing an amendment to this that ensures only current employees can access the secured site, and gives owners and key managers the real time ability to update who is eligible to submit paperwork and carry cannabis on their company’s behalf…) MMIG tried to circumvent their own Vertical Integration by claiming that any product transferred from any co-owned OPC attached to any of a group of MMCs in the ownership conglomerate can have any amount of cannabis transferred to any location without any impact to that single OPC’s 70/30 limits… I call this back door BS from the very narrow minds who forced the narrow system of Vertical integration on their competition in the last legislative session. Please send a Comment to the SLA saying this is wrong and flies in the face of fairness to make an exception to VI for the very ones who lobbied for it! * There was a lively debate about who is eligible to have certain “privileges” to handle cannabis, and once again the state admits that it is extending vendor status especially concerning transport with out a statutory basis for doing so, in violation of state law (which could bring federal scrutiny).  Proposed solutions were for transport services to become bonded and insured to carry these products, and take all legal liability while in possession…  3 more meetings this week, and I will be there on your behalf which means it would truly be a big help to me if you could get your orders in ASAP: like NOW! and order some extra stuff to say thanks, if you want to! 

All stakeholder working group meetings will be open to the public. Additionally, a recording and minutes of each meeting will be made available via the DOR Amendment 64 . Agendas for every meeting will also be made available to the public at least 24 hours in advance via the website. 

I read the list of “stakeholders” very very few of whom Im proud to stand besides and a who’s who of who’s fucked you the patients and you the people over. Use the public comment forms, use the opportunity to participate… dont let these fucks who’ve spent the past two years breaking the 1st set of laws they wrote for their own benefit screw you twice, learn from the past and Rise up!
I urge you emphatically to submit a written objection to some of these stakeholders, esp if you know of specific violations committed by the owners or employees. Please detail your objections and send them ASAP.  *(i mean seriously, edipure & daisy’s??? will be in charge of safety and labels!!!???) 

MARK AUGUST 20th on your calendar as the date for public hearing of the final rules for recreational sales, all written comment must be completed by this date and seeing your shining faces there may be a big help.
On to the Audits, which I read with a mix of self congratulating giddy glee about my accuracy of assessment of these agencies, and dismay about the viability of an honest business in this industry… 

another week another failed audit of a regulatory agency… isnt the Weed game fun, notice I call this a game, because business is serious, and nobody is taking us seriously. 

In 2010 my “peers” on the MMED’s original rule making panel savagely attacked me, led off by Matt Cook for being “rude” to ask that now that the hand book for every move industry members were being asked to make was public so we could build trust with LEO’s etc… could we in the industry please see and discuss the employee manual for new MMED employees and their proper procedures so that we could build trust on our side of the fence… 3 audits later and we see that all agencies overseeing the Colorado cannabis industry were plagued with corruption, collusion and coercion from day one… no wonder all those crooks wanted to shut me down for asking about mutual accountability, they were too busy building a structured failure. 
And now we are likely to see a guy moved up from within MED who kept his head down all the while he was sitting next to a colleague who was either grossly incompetent or on the take, and this guy never could find a whistle to blow?
And to make sure this lump of government working enforcement apathy gets the job right we’ll just throw more money at the same old do-nothing team… 
well thats reassuring…

Cannabis around CO:
the proposed denver regs are based on numbers generated by employees found to be semi-competent at best… Contact your city council person and let them know you are watching their next move with your mind on the next election…

Denver reels from “devastating” audit of medical marijuana oversightwww.denverpost.comWhile Denver has become a national leader in how it regulates medical marijuana, an audit released Thursday found serious problems with how the city licenses, tracks and manages the booming

What I saw tonight was a bunch of smooth talking cream skimmers telling a bunch of chapped handed cow milkers how they can buy back their own cream and churn it into butter themselves… we

‘ll tell you how, just give us a cut of the butter you made…Transferring or Opening a Recreational Cannabis Business

Cannabis Health Stories: 

this article doesnt even touch on the health risks to lungs from airborne particulate from heavy metals and other corrosive elements decomposing & metals leaching from exposure to solvents, into poorly constructed 3rd world labor made vape pens and e-cigs for use of Tobacco much less cannabis…Health officials worry about electronic cigarette push in Coloradogazette.comThe arrival of electronic cigarettes has raised a red flag for health officials and others who worry the activity of

Local Drug Wars:
Former Montezuma County undersheriff arrested for embezzlementkdvr.comCronk is perhaps best known for the staunch stance he took a year ago against Amendment 64 to legalize marijuana for recreational use. now any LEO in the state wants to be able to log in and look at Marijuana business applications (with all the personal, banking and financial info that would be an identity thief’s wet dream) with no log of who looked at what data… and people laughed when I suggested this could be a possible scenario…

National Nonsense: 

BOYCOTT MI Marijuana edibles illegal under Michigan medical marijuana laws? – Toke of the Townwww.tokeofthetown.comMedical marijuana and cannabis news, views, rumors, and humor at Toke of the Town.

And beyond:

This computer is dying, need a new mac laptop of some sort in the coming week or so if anybody knows of a used one that is in good shape for sale hit me up… until i get one, I wont be able to check in on the go…

I contemplated punishing you all because not one single one of you entered last week’s naming contest and saved any money on your bites… But there doesnt seem to be much motivation in punishment so Im just telling you all that you only save $$$ when you participate in these sales and respond to them people!!! 
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I’d like to remind you that Im doing the Aids Walk in a couple weeks and Im seeking sponsors, which means you can do something to support the group of patients who more than any other paved the way for the 1st state to legalize cannabis by making a donation in my name at this link!

Once again thanks for reading it all, I hope you feel a bit smarter and im sure you feel a bit depressed too… Oh well, welcome to the glamour zone! 

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