Denver Direct: ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux – July 1, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux – July 1, 2013

Hey Now,
HOUSTON WE HAVE THE RULES…. and i dont think the MED recalled that the theme of this week is supposed to be independence!
maybe we’re turning that corner Ive been waiting to turn, sales are finally picking up big time, and all my annual fees are already paid for the year, from here on out its upwards to lower middle class baby!!! maybe now i can think about those quarterly payroll taxes !!! So much Fun to be in charge.

we got a short week and most of us should be busy so please plan ahead and know that we are bumping forward some deliveries this week so that everybody will receive their orders before the big holiday! call us ASAP at 303 922 3661… 1st six orders called in or replied to this email will get an independence day bonus for your team!!!
Here are the “emergency” rules for recreational cannabis, I am gonna need a day or two to review these in depth so expect a full review with next week’s news!

Following this Story:
State toxicology lab halts blood-alcohol testing, will retest samples … BIAS, spread the word and help folks have their life ruining DUI convictions overturned

Lab corruption is not limited to CO, as Ive been saying and saying and saying…. 

National Weed Roundup:

F*Rasta = Wholesale $6 each, three flavors, selling like hotcakes!!! please get your order in ASAP, as these take several hours to make and we’ve been hard pressed to get every ordered banana produced in time for each delivery day last week, and we anticipate even greater sales of this product for the coming holiday weekend! YEA we have a best seller here! 

LIberty Bites! 
festive red silver and blue a patriotic offering in a perfect sharing sized portion at 240 Mg divided into 12 perfect 20Mg bites of chocolate. Made with real chocolate and designed to show your patients what top quality candy tastes like, Ideal for making s’mores! Now ready to recreate fireworks that have been canceled inside your mind!!! 
this week only all Bites ordered before 1pm on Monday will be $1 off.