Denver Direct: The City Park West Neighborhood Association is up and operating again.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The City Park West Neighborhood Association is up and operating again.

City Park West

After researching and planning over that last several months a small group of neighbors have worked diligently to lay out the framework to restart the CPW Neighborhood Association. All we need to do now is have and annual meeting (Planned for Wednesday, July 17th) and file the necessary documentation with the City. How can you help? You can attend the upcoming Annual Meeting, fill out the City Park West Survey that will be distributed soon, and volunteer to hand out fliers announcing the Annual Meeting and CPW Survey.

Volunteers needed to hand out fliers. 

CPW Neighborhood Association needs volunteers to help hand fliers door-to-door announcing the meeting. There are only 100 people on this email list and about 150 people on the CPW facebook group which means only a small number of residents are receiving this information. Its important that everybody gets an opportunity to be involved with the Neighborhood Association therefore we will need to distribute fliers. If we can get about 15 or 20 volunteers, the flier task will be a piece of cake.  Email or call Paul Cunningham to be put on the volunteer list.  

City Park West Annual Meeting — July 17, at 6:30 PM — Location TBD

Start your participation with the City Park Neighborhood Association by attending the Annual Meeting. Mark your calendar, Location to be determined.   

Block by Block — Alley Cleanup and Neighborhood Party

Recycle    Compost           Waste
Whittier     Cole                 City Park West
Block by Block: It is a meet greet to pick up trash and transform your streets.
Who:  Neighbors within the boundaries of the march.
Where:  A march from Colfax Avenue to 40th Avenue with the boundaries of Downing St. and York St.
What:  A community march to clean up our streets and alleys to wipe the slate clean.  I envision 2 neighbors walking down each block on the sidewalks, and 4 neighbors walking down the alleys.  We will collect litter in reusable bags.  Every 3-4 blocks we can have stations for sorting and for getting water (It will be August after all).  At this point I imagine some neighbors returning home and others joining, (some may complete the entire march) At the end a large celebration in Fuller Park, it is about the half way point of the march.
When:  Sunday, August 11, 2013 (During “Denver Days” – August 3-11)
Why:   I have lived in City Park West for four years and my mother has lived in Cole for the past ten years.  During this time I have spent countless hours picking up and sorting garbage into three streams only to see more trash blow in from the next block.  I was inspired on a visit to West Washington Park.  During this visit I picked up six pieces of trash over several hours.  I think we need to wipe the slate clean and give our streets a fresh start.  This event will bring awareness, provide community education perhaps better waste management infrastructure on our streets, and most of all will bring our communities together.
Next Steps:  Please contact me at the provide email address if you are interested in either volunteering at the event and/or on a planning committee.  We will be forming two committees; one to plan the trash march and another for the community celebration.  Many hands make light work and together we can transform our neighborhoods!  
Contact Information: Ean Tafoya [email protected]