Denver Direct: All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – May 10, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – May 10, 2013

Announcing CO-JEP the Colorado Juror Education Project…

Taking the jeopardy out of legal cannabis consumption. We are gonna take the profits out of selective persecution, and put the expenses back on the state until these laws are removed from the CO criminal code.

As you may already know A-64 has had some devastating consequences when Colorado legislators applied their interpretations to the so-called “like alcohol” regulation of cannabis, including an extremely unscientific blood nanogram limit as proof of impairment, and creating felons of person’s who’s ounce weighs one gram over the limit…

If a law is unjust a juror is not required to convict a defendant. It only takes one juror with a strong seed of doubt to nullify a jury. WE are gonna work like hell to spread those seeds of doubt on the science and the so-called justice… CO-JEP will be traveling the entire state doing educational outreach like speaking on campuses and at retirement homes, elks clubs, concerts and community events, and any other location that will give us a table to stand behind and registered voters to speak with.
Additionally we will be working on identifying candidates who promoted a LEOs for profit agenda with their votes in the legislature and identifying fresh faces to run against these charlatans in the primary elections, as the general elections are already screwed by partisan gerrymandering. DO YOU want to be a candidate? Join Us… Do you want to be a community contact point for your area, JOIN US! Do you know of a place that needs speakers for events, ask me! Can you provide ink and a printer for making literature? That would be a big help… Can we host a meeting for your area at your coffee shop, office or home? Do you know people in other parts of the state who would like to help?
Most importantly do you feel that with some intensive training you would be willing and able to be an expert witness that could be called to the stand to help a defendant show how unscientific the nanogram limit is? We will provide free training and hopefully cover expenses for any member who can go to court, get up and speak, and help that educated juror nullify a DUID trial.

We will be making literature to distribute at the point of sale, advising DUID defendants on going to jury trial, as well as literature that will hopefully be available to any potential juror in the state. I need young people to work the campuses and make sure our literature is ALWAYS available.

We need somebody finding community events to participate in, from a table at the farmers market to a booth at a festival, everybody that is a registered voter is a potential juror, and volunteers to man those events…
We need to be a statewide coalition of people of all ages, all ethnicity, all incomes etc…

If I am sending this to you it means you have said something to me about wanting to get involved, our your actions have shown me that you are willing to come out and participate in improving cannabis use and accessibility in CO. If you have a friend who would join and be productive by all means forward this email to that person.

Im hoping to schedule a meeting for the week of 5/20 so let me know a date/time that might work and I will do my best to get everybody who is interested in one place at one time, with tech support to allow participation by those who are not located in the city…

I hope you are ready to tackle more work on behalf of the quasi-legal kurfuffle colorado has left cannabis in…

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
2145 W Evans, Denver CO
303 922 3661

Call me if you have any questions….