Denver Direct: All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – April 23, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – April 23, 2013

Editor’s note: Thanks to Jessica for her tireless efforts in organizing and TESTIFYING! We know it’s not easy when you are running a business full-time.
Hey Now! 

Well I still say there are 16 days in the session, and some of these dickbags have a DUID hard-on so im not doing a victory jig until May 8th, but I am very pleased with yesterday’s Vote killing the current version of HB13-1114 Black heart (cards) a good day at the capitol, and the best part is that it represents a big victory for the private activists and patients with zero support from any of the alphabet soup cartel of industry lobbyists taking any credit since they bailed on the fight against this bill… Ha! we have some momentum lil people lets keep it up now!
Im sorry this week’s news was a bit late… i thought prioritizing my energies into the DUID battle was the best use of my time for us all, and it looks like the choice is justified! I may have more on the new bills once I have a chance to get indepth on them, hearings start thursday so expect me to have more info this week to share with y’all… 
SB-278 which defines a “drug-endangered child” will be heard by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Thursday, April 25 at 1:30 p.m.
This bill would follow the Federal Control Substances Act. Applies to ALL Schedule I drugs and Schedule II unless there is a valid prescription. Any use, possession, distribution or manufacture of a controlled substance in the presence of a child or where a child lives would be considered child abuse or neglect. Applies to any newborn testing positive for Schedule I or II drugs, unless there is a prescription. NO EXCEPTION FOR CANNABIS WHATSOEVER! Not for recreational use. Not for medical use. Not even for hemp.
This is the most devastating piece of legislation for the marijuana community I’ve seen yet! It totally undermines Amendment 64 AND Amendment 20! It’s a deliberate attack on cannabis. This is NOT what the voters of Colorado voted for!
Dan Pabon’s A-64 “majority bill” 57 pages get reading!
MMED changes to badging, if they arent gonna badge why do we have to mail in and pay to renew? 
state cry for federal help… 
and the help they are likely to receive… 
in spite of this… 
and in the social review (something we dont usually make time for!) 
I had a nice time at the cup and I enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting some of Y’all in person for the first time. I think my panel group put on a good discussion of edibles and started the speakers with a strong lead off panel (even though I totally had to pull a shameful prima-donna move and cut in line to not be late for my talk). I hope each and every one of you had  a fun and profitable 4/20 weekend! Lets all send some healing energy to those injured by senseless violence in Denver at the civic center park rally. 
good news from the cup featuring a few of my favorite clients!! 
not so impressive news from the cup… Monday at the exdo… pix by warren edson. *sarcasm by me! 
“High Times hosts a panel discussion on responsible dab culture.” 
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Thanks for reading! have a great week! 

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