Denver Direct: April 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – April 29, 2013

Hey Now! 

This morning at 10am the House will vote on the unfortunately amended Hb13-1317 rules & HB13-1318 taxes… SB13-283 (BHO & Contracts) passed committee this morning. If you can do your emails now it will be a big help. 
here is a link to what Im hoping is every legislator in the capitol, get cracking folks! (See 2nd page)
HB13-1317 in amendments they’ve brought back vertical integration for a year, and added the DUID bill on the end of the bill, as well as a few other ugly trolls lurking under this so called bridge bill… here is the latest amended version: 
This is a letter I wrote to the legislature you can copy any part you like… 
also mention:  if a new entrant to the industry must apply in January 2014 with proof of a lease as part of the application but cannot open until October of that year, how is this open to small mom and pop type expansion if there are 10 months of rent to pay w/o any income. Please no mopre protectionism for the biggest money, protect equal access instead! 

Hb13-1318 will present voters in November with a TABORed 30% combined tax, now includes amendment to repeal A-64 if the tax is not passed, basically “smart CO tack on” creates blackmail for the blackmarket to steal our businesses. 
here is the yet unpassed ammendment please send emails now asking for a no vote on the amendment
this article sums up the proposed changes.