Denver Direct: Student Walkout Tomorrow

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Student Walkout Tomorrow

WHAT: Students
standing up for our education
WHEN: March
14th, 2013 from 11am – 2:30pm
Steps of the Colorado State Capitol

On February 23rd,
students gathered at the Colorado Student Power Alliance to discuss
what is wrong with the current education system and how they could
get their voices heard. From there, the students developed an action
plan to have their voices heard.
We, the students, are
standing up for our education. We no longer want to be part of the
cookie-cutter system where everyone is taught the same and forced to
take a standardized test that we memorize answers to, making us
products of the public education assembly line.

In the past few
years, the Colorado State Legislature has passed bills to change how
our schools are evaluated. In result, schools have been labeled
“Turnaround status” or have been shut down. Students have been
confined to their desks to learn certain knowledge for the sake of
the test, while putting aside classes for life-skills.
Teachers have to
comply to the standardized test instead of teaching real-world
experiences because if the school has low test scores it could result
in them getting fired or their school shutting down. Starting next
year, teacher salaries will be tied into students’ results on the
March 14th is Defend
Public Education Day
. Students will participate by walking out of
their classes or test on this day to make a stance and get their
voices heard. Students will be gathering on the west steps of the
Colorado Capitol to begin a peaceful protest to defend our education
and ask for a better one. We believe that education should be a
democracy not a dictatorship.
We encourage all
students, parents, teachers, and citizens to join us as students
stand up for our education. This will be the start of a revolutionary
time where students will have a say in their educational rights.
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