Denver Direct: Short journey through toxic air in Denver today

Friday, March 1, 2013

Short journey through toxic air in Denver today

by Gerald Trumbule
When I left this morning for downtown I noticed a sharp “paint-spray” smell in the air. At first I thought it was local, some guy “huffing” behind a tree or something, but I continued to smell it for the next two blocks up to Colfax and noticed it again when I got off the bus downtown. Did anyone else feel like they were involuntarily “huffing” this morning?

Back at HQ, I ran into this info:
Colorado rule change may relax air pollution reporting requirements
“Much of the pollution creating ozone, which already exceeds federal standards along the Front Range and in parts of Western Colorado, comes from the oil and gas industry, including 612 tons of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds a day, according state records.”

I’m staying indoors.