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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Denver Police Survey

Dear Denver Citizens,
You are probably aware that we have been making a great deal of changes in the Denver Police Department. I can assure you, that although some are questioned, they are all made to create a department focused on preventing crime. This will make Denver an even better place to live than it is now!
One of the important changes we have been working on is transparency. I know that a community cannot fully trust and engage with its police department unless it can have full trust that decisions and actions are made for the right reasons; and that when mistakes are made, we own up to them and tell you.
Trust is achieved through transparency – and for transparency to work, there must be an exchange between the police and the community.
I have released a short survey I am hoping you will complete. The questions are taken from a similar National Survey (used to measure cities against one another). These questions are specifically related to feelings people have about safety in Denver. I view that as a critical responsibility of a police department. We will use these results to better adapt our police response and better understand how people who live and work in Denver feel.
For this to be successful, we need a large sample of people to complete the short 3-minute survey. I am asking that you take the survey and share it with people you know. It will truly help make both the police department and city of Denver better. Take the survey here: (Ed. note: Now closed)
Robert C White
Chief of Police
Joe A. Montoya
Denver Police Department
Commander District Three
Office: 720-913-1275
Cell: 720-641-0996