Denver Direct: City Park Super Playground Meeting notes

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

City Park Super Playground Meeting notes

Earlier this week, representatives of some City Park neighborhoods got together to discuss the planned “super playgtround” at City Park.  Here are notes from that meeting: 

 “Re-Imagine” playground
1. Parks and Rec is asking for input from the neighborhoods AFTER decision is made
a. This is sales job
2. All reps from RNOs should be identified by name and RNO – including INC rep
3. Purpose of a park: quiet repose or “utilized”
From a woman in City Park West to (Assistant Parks Manager) Scott Gilmore:
“Our previous administration appeared to view our parks as venues to be exploited for commercial profit. This was a matter of grave concern to those of us who value parks. I had hoped that things would change with a new administration and new Council representation. Sadly, however, it would seem that the new team places no value on parks: they are simply vacant land to be traded for a new building or from which portions can be ceded for expediency. However, please know that the residents of our neighborhoods value our parks as the precious treasure they are. We know that, once given up to development or some other use, parks can never be recreated. It is my hope that Denver does not lose the great American legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted, Theodore Roosevelt, and our own Robert Speer through thoughtless dispensation of irreplaceable park land for short-term expediency.”
1. Safe pedestrian crossings – 17th Street, Colfax, York, and 23rd.
2. Parking
a. Parking at the zoo or Museum is at the opposite end of the park
b. East is filled during the day.
c. Park Planner Britta Herwig told the developer (who asked about it) that he didn’t need to add underground parking and that it was not a problem
d. There is a new 192 unit apartment building being added into South City Park – that will mean there is no longer parking available for most residents
3. Liability issues
a. The City by statue has ZERO liability for anything that happens in the park. (Karen Aviles, City Attorney}
b. That would put sponsors liable to be sued (they should know that)
c. Lessons of USOpen Air – let sponsors know not well received and not wanted
4. Do our own surveys
a. Ask about parking concerns
b. Ask about liability issue
c. Ask about pedestrian crossing
d. Ask about police presence (a number of pedophiles live at the All Inn just a block from the park)
e. Where will Easy High School practice now?
f. It is strictly a business project – not a park enhancement
5. City Park is already a destination park with the museum and the zoo – 5 million people a year.
a. This will make another reason to come and the vast majority drive – it isn’t the near neighbors who walk that are a very big percent of visitors.