Denver Direct: All Things A64 with Jessica LeRoux – March 4, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

All Things A64 with Jessica LeRoux – March 4, 2013

Hey Now, 

I am so grateful that february is OVER!!! what a hellish month my friends… But now the delivery truck is back up running like a top and I got me a new getting around town car… (scroll to the very bottom for a pic of the new car and a good laugh!) Still working through the issues with selling my Subaru if you know anybody looking for a project car in Durango area… now we’re Digging this hole back upward again… 

The Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force has concluded its meetings.
 The recommendations are now being edited and assembled into a final report and they will not be considered final recommendations of the Task Force until they are published in the final report. 
 A final recommendation report will be written and delivered to the Governor, General Assembly, and the Attorney General the week of March 11th, 2013, and will be posted on the DOR website. 

I made it through all those A-64 meetings, but Im certain that I’ve lost a few IQ points from the idiocy of the whole project. I will give y’all a full review now, and we can start planning the next strategy, which I will NEED your help implementing ASAP!  

I’ve been thinking about the medical vs recreational implications for Cannabis and what I come back to is that while CO & WA legalized adult use (long long overdue in my opinion) many states are still deciding on allowing Medical use which could save and improve so many lives… So if the patient registry numbers drop off in CO & WA dramatically in the post recreational world, will other states consider our valuable medical program merely a sham and use that fact to deny their own residents life saving medicinal cannabis? Please remain medical patients right now to show the need for and the usefulness of a state medical program until every state has at least medical access to legal cannabis. PLEASE!

The A-64 task force pretty much handed a big pu-pu platter of opportunity to black market operators over the past ten weeks, nearly every recommendation rewards leaving the legal grid on some level, taken together they place the noose neatly around the neck of legal small scale mom & pop proprietors and most MIPs as well. 

After Thursday’s final A-64 task force meeting one of the know nothing know it alls who undermined civil rights for all working people in CO thanked me for taking the time and attending all the meetings… I told her that when you are gonna take it up the Ass you might as well put the time in before hand, so that later you can pretend that it was foreplay!
and these are the pages from the final meeting on Thursday February 28th 

On Thursday the cannabis industry was informed that legal recreation sales will be up under Tabor in this november’s election for a 40% combined sales and excise tax… because we need to “pay for our own black market enforcement”… but the meager two recommendations offered by the task force to address black market & diversion were: 
#1. to pull up and destroy the 7th plant plus found in police investigations of private residential grows… and
#2. to limit persons with out a Colorado ID to the purchase of 1/8th of flowers or the edibles equivalent… 
Not one Rec to address large scale black & grey market operations, nor any planned increase in penalties for illegal sales of any type.
So I would like to know… 
#1. what the fuck are you asking us to pay for Jack & Barb? this is hardly a robust black market enforcement plan… 
#2. was that seriously the best enforcement plan the so called brightest bulbs the governor could screw in can illuminate?

Governor Hypocritter: all the home brewed fracking koolaid you can drink, but dont work up a thirst with any Cannabis…. we had a personal visit with seemingly stoned rambling diatribe from the Governor on Thursday. He told us that making cannabis legal will inevitably lead to an increase in hopelessness and homelessness for local teens… Hmmmm I wonder if the Guv has considered maybe the fact that CO is 47th in national spending per pupil in school funding might be a contributing factor in that hopelessness? 

Every recreational user in the state will be “protected” by having a 10mg limit on commercially prepared (but not what you make at home) edibles servings, with a 200 Mg servings cap… and those edibles will be sold in a tamperproof child safety sack even if you have no children, because your simple sovereign right to legal possession in your home, car or purse is now superceeded by the rights of the parents of the little shit who steals from your purse, car or home… These violations civil rights of extend to your front porch no longer being your private property but instead being open & public (these myopic fools never ever consider any property rights outside the suburban hell of the front range) and now you must double lock your indoor private residential cultivation even if you dont have kids, in case you allow a passing family into your house during a snow storm or some such scenario, in fact even if you post a no minors sign at your front door, you must double lock your grow in case kids break into your house. WOW just like we do with alcohol right?

So now that we’re feeling safe, let us pass off the rules for residential infusions made with Butane or other solvents to local control, because lord knows if the state fails to take solvents seriously, the local city councils are really gonna take up the slack on the issue of caustic chemical solvent use. One safety panel member actually said it would be allowed to make BHO outside in a rural area… WTF??? at least in suburban hell like the lakewood case on TV a fire dept is near by, in rural areas how many homes and acres would be burned waiting for assistance when a BFE cabin in the drought stricken San Luis Valley blows up, or a BHO fire ball among the beetle kill trees in our national forest along I-70? so fucking irresponsible. Seriously! we’ll have out of towners smurfing all over hell to obtain their legal to possess Ounce, but we can still sell butane by the case at head shops? Well I feel safe now! and I will have you note that the sole solvent process that the panel gave short shrift to was Butane, no discussion at all of isopropyl, or CO2 extractors, or hexane at all. and worst of all no mention of Sirlene, aka Antifreeze which is becoming distressingly prevalent in hash cartridge Pens and other similar novelties. They didnt even insist on lab grade facilities and materials for commercially produced solvent bonded products, not even a warning label tell you that you may be smoking antifreeze, but if you are pregnant you will get a health risk warning on all packages… well that makes sense with so many pregnant women taking up smoking prenatally these days. 

Just so Patients know read labels when you shop, shop smart… some of the top hash oil cartridges on the market in CO contain Sirlene ™ also known as propylene glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze, which is commonly used in Meth production (i only know this because I researched it when I read about people using this to make or cut hash oil) to increase a yield of meth or in these cases Hash Oil… i wouldnt want to smoke or “vape” this antifreezed shit, and I advise you not to either, you can do the research too… 
this link is from the chemical toxic profiles website…. as you can see this is under jurisdiction of CAS = Chemical Abstracts Service; DOT/UN/NA/IMDG = Department of Transportation/United Nations/North America/International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code; EPA = Environmental Protection Agency; HSDB = Hazardous Substances Data Bank; NCI = National Cancer Institute; NIOSH = National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; OHM/TADS = Oil and Hazardous Materials/Technical Assistance Data System; RTECS = Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances

A-64 Task force voted to continue Vertical Integration with the 70/30 rule for 3 years, and give a moretorium for no new people to enter the industry who are not FULLY licensed medical providers. so the same mediocrity that has driven the black market in the past two years will continue, and they are making being in this business a real challenge for small rural providers who will have a hell of ahard time expanding to meet the increased needs of their OPC, also this rule caps the size of grows based on square footage and available amps… (another issue for those whos OPCs are already maxed out on their size). All this spells opportunity for the big dickbags like MMIG to swallow up those businesses who are struggling to meet increased need for product by forcing them into unfortunate ownership arrangements where they loose control of their investment. Hooray for another medical style monopoly. I want to puke about this process…
I think I give a decent counterpoint here, but I wish more of my interview was used where I explain why these people want to force mediocrity on consumers because protectionism is the only way they can sell their gigantic generic monocultured machined crop, and that VI is what has driven the connoisseur end of the black market for the past 3 years. Pot Protectionism in Colorado – Hit & Run : Reason.comreason.comWhile visiting Denver last month to research an article about marijuana legalization, I witnessed a puzzling phenomenon: Cannabis entrepreneurs were demanding

More state industry news beyond 64! 
Here is a link to all the current bills in the CO legislature concerning cannabis in any way… gotta check the calendar each week for the related hearings… the most important one is gonna be HB13-1114 DUID aka the bill to beat, but the responsible vendor program needs support for open non-for profit system or state run system, no private for profiteers bills this year please!!! 
the MMED canceled the rules re-writing meeting from last Friday, but they did manage to find the time to let me know when my medical license will be due for renewal in 3 fucking months! they sent me a renewal application as well, I guess they want to be sure I plan to pay their asses, even though they are notorious for budgeting like idiots! And now they apparently give a shit about 70/30 again, great! I guess it’s time to start saving up, to remain eligible, so i can start saving up in case i have any desire to go recreational (though I doubt i will based on what I’ve seen so far…) 

both sides of the bans or progress local debate… 
or… the great example from my friends Chris & David, keep up this kind of good work people! great news! 

The ongoing Saga of the Ha’s… Menendez agreed that state law was complicated, and she said complexity is just one thing that now makes prosecuting federal marijuana cases in Colorado so difficult. “There have been days … where I have woken up and thought, ‘Lord, just give me a good methamphetamine case. Something simple,’ ” Menendez said in court Friday.Federal prosecutor says state law a factor in Colorado marijuana case The federal prosecutor who handles marijuana crimes in Colorado said in court Friday that she paid deference to state law initially when deciding whether to file criminal charges against a medical-marijuana dispensary manager.

and folks wonder why we dont trust the police… 

Feel free to let this guy know that if he resists the involved voters who are emailers, they wont forget come the next election, they may even send some appropriate emails to their friends, family, and editors of local papers in the district he runs in!

is anybody surprised about this considering the background of the “management” company??? . also how does this square with the CO owned aspect of 1284?


March Means new flavors! 
I know this is nothing “new” for those of you who have been with me for the past 3-4 years, but I also know that you all will be joyous to know that KEY LIME IS BACK!!!  85 Mg Gluten Free, made with real key limes and a crisp gingersnap crust… Get stocked up on your seasonal taste O’the green… because patients have been known to get rabid about this flavor!  $5 wholesale… 

Love Bites will now be LUCKY BITES… the same sack of a dozen 20Mg handmade chocolates, but now offered in Green, sage & silver wrappers to celebrate St Patty’s day! Wholesale price $10…. If you didnt get to taste our “love” recently, it’s not too late to get Lucky! 

obviously this is last month’s pic, use your imagination to change the colors! 

We will continue to offer the Coco Loco Kissy cake for March…. Gluten Free chocolate cheesecake with a medicated white chocolate & peanutbutter heart shaped medallion set into it’s core…. 125 Mg THC, $6.50 wholesale…  

we are still offering the delicious apple crisps 275 Mg for $9 wholesale…. retail location freezer required… vegan, gluten free, organic! hell’s yeah! 

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Thank you so much for reading, please send your orders in ASAP! 

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PS: after all that reading I can only assume you are ready for a good laugh so take a look at my new car! Meet the Cheese mobile, as a chicago girl this makes sense, kinda!  
It’s mid-day, we’re wearing sunglasses, we’ve got cheesecakes to deliver… We’re on a mission from god! 

I got it from Greenwood Village no less… I guess im having a mid life crisis, but at least Im doing it within my own budget right!