Denver Direct: Sen. Aguilar’s Cooperative bill introduction delayed

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sen. Aguilar’s Cooperative bill introduction delayed


Now, it’s more important than ever to attend the Saturday Feb. 23 event!
Sen. Aguilar will provide updates as well as the information about the bill and the Cooperative.  This is your chance to know the latest, plan next steps, acquire the skills to be even more effective.  Tomorrow 8:00-3:30 Unitarian Church, 1400 Lafayette St., Denver.  Lunch for $10 but workshop is free.  RSVP at [email protected]
State Sen. Irene Aguilar, M.D.’s introduction of a bill for the Colorado Health Care Cooperative will likely be delayed, rather than taking place on Feb. 22 as planned. We will provide more detailed information and updates as soon as they become available.

Note: Added in second email.

The introduction of Senator Aguilar’s Cooperative Legislation was delayed because of genuine concern within the Democratic Caucus about whether it should be a referred statute or a Constitutional Amendment. The delay is not an attempt to stop or damage the Cooperative, but a disagreement among supporters about the best way to proceed. However, because the disagreement involves complex legal, legislative, and Constitutional issues, it will take more than a day or two to resolve these issues. We anticipate the necessary meetings to discuss the issues will take place the week of February 25th, and after resolution, there will be a few days delay for Legislative Council to rewrite the legislation.