Denver Direct: Hentzell Park needs you

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hentzell Park needs you

It is critical that as many Hentzell Park advocates as possible attend Mayor Michael B. Hancock’s “Cabinet in the Community” this Saturday morning at Harvey Park.

 The item in the “Your Hub” section of the Denver Post makes note that “Customer service and civic engagement are some of the mayor’s top priorities (and) we’re using these meetings to really connect community members to city government because we work for them” according to mayoral aide Michael Sapp.
Retaining Hentzell Park Natural Area is one of the most important issues facing the entire community and Mayor Hancock needs to hear that message as a major part of community engagement.  The community won’t be allowed to vote on Hentzell Park.  So Cabinet in the Community is an excellent opportunity for Denverites to exercise First Amendment rights and express dissatisfaction with the plan to give away nine acres of irreplaceable natural open space.
If you are inclined, holding a sign would be helpful.  Here are some suggested sign slogans:
     Save Our Open Parks Land
     Hentzell Today, Harvey Park Tomorrow
     Parks Are Not For Sale or Trade
     Save Our Urban Wildlife
     Critters Deserve a Voice
     Tax Dollars Support All Precious Parks
     Natural Areas Help Prevent Climate Change
     Children Need Natural Areas
And you can probably think of others.
Park advocates and protectors of wildlife need to confront the mayor with this extremely bad public policy.  This is as important as a City Council hearing.
Even thought the meeting doesn’t start officially until 9:00, it’s important to be there at 8:30.  Hancock will probably arrive right at 9:00 and leave as soon as possible.  If you don’t get to talk directly to Mayor Hancock, talk to his aides and cabinet appointees.
The Cabinet in the Community is at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy, 2250 South Quitman Street.

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