Denver Direct: All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – February 18, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – February 18, 2013

Hey Now
Somehow I have lost my older emails and with it the list I use to contact you, so Ive done my best to remember the email addresses for about 250 out of over 300 of you all, and if I forgot you, please let me know…
Also today (2-17) is the 6th anniversary of the unresolved Murder of my dear friend Ken Gorman, who was slain in his home in 2007 shortly after a media appearance where he endorsed medical cannabis. Please smoke a joint in Ken’s memory tonight, and if you can give a joint to a person in need that would be a great way to honor Kens memory. Please dont ever let Ken Gorman be forgotten. Do the homework and send the emails in Ken’s Memory, because we owe this man a huge debt of gratitude for laying down the guidelines for all the changes we have reaped and enjoyed…
Ive been to quite a few A-64 meetings since I talked to you last… and here are my thoughts and ways I think you can help our industry.

the next big Task Force meeting is Tuesday the 19th, at 1pm in the new Carr building, 1300 Broadway. (dont bring your meds in here, trust me I know!)
Being there is informative but you wont get to speak until the session is over and votes are cast on the many whacked out proposed recommendations so getting on emailing Panel members this Monday before they vote on the big issues is actually way more important.
Please take a minute to give feedback showing support for RF 9 (the restricted permissive capped closed loop regulatory licensing system)… explain why vertical integration is protectionism and does not work in the real world, and that we want to be allowed to continue to own our existing grows but not be limited by the 70/30 rules that neither we nor the MMED has had much success with… Also let the panel know that you do not support limits on dosage/per package levels for Edibles… that you oppose draconian advertising and packaging restrictions… that no forced testing of cannabis products can be implemented until the state takes responsibility for inspecting/regulating/ and standardizing the testing facilities that will hopefully be licensed soon. & That the restrictive capped closed loop system cannot allow Labs to own competing businesses that will have to rely on the labs in question for testing… Stand in opposition to the criminal working groups unconstitutional made up rules on weight limits for the product of residential grows, and on the destruction of plants as well as personal property by law enforcement with out due process…. Support giving a majority of the time place and manor rule making responsibility to the local townships (including creation of dual use, medical/recreational facilities) to give the greatest flexibility to each town to craft policy that works with their community… Support banking reforms and tax policy streamlining.
The DUID hearing was rescheduled (twice!) last week. New date is Feb 26th, at 1:30pm CO capitol building. This gives us more time to assemble our science. and prepare to be effective when we fight for our rights…
re HB13-1114… we could learn from this…
Prosecutors say Gabree was under the influence of drugs, but she is not charged with DUI. Prosecutors say that’s because due to her years of prescription pill abuse, Gabree’s system had built up a strong tolerance, and it’s unclear how the abuse at the time of the crash had impacted her driving that day. And the penalty for DUI and gross negligent operation death resulting is the same– a maximum of 15 years.
St. Albans woman pleads not guilty in deadly A St. Albans woman denied charges Tuesday that she caused an accident that killed an elderly couple.
and… Follow the money: check out who spending it on HB13-1114
Colorado Secretary of State
this time the folks at Westword have gotten the story right… lobbyists with no clients have an very narrow agenda and your business is not on it… “industry representatives” (who won’t even tell you who they represent) who bad mouth small-time growers in order to make their operations appear responsible should be run out of the cannabis world. $.02…
I learned from the A-64 criminal enforcement Working Group that if you use 2-3 or more grams of cannabis on a daily basis for recreational purposes you are a chronic abuse addict… good to know they’ve set that limit for judging me… this number was used to arbitrarily set a limit on the weight retained from the 6 plants legally grown in residences… to 16 ounces per annum!!! this reccomendation is to help law enforcement to know when somebody was breaking the new laws by overstocking their own produce… This will be proposed to the main task force on tuesday. This is a violation of the constitution, but we also learned today that “the campaign” supports limits on possession lower than those in the amendment as a compromise. I will scan this as well as the proposal to arbitrarily destroy plants over 6 (plant seven is automatically killed) when found in a residential grow inspection… I did get a minor victory when I made them agree that the plant or plants destroyed in this scenario would be codified as the smallest least mature plants in the garden.and lastly if you are arrested in possession of your legal ounce, for a non-cannabis crime, when you are booked into jail your legal cannabis will be destroyed as contraband at time of booking rather than retained by the jail with the arrestees other legal property and returned… regardless of whether you are found guilty of a crime. This committee seems to be enamored of the AZ model for citizen oppression given how much the talk about AZ policies like this…
Senate committee approves destroying seized medical pot | | Tucson, PHOENIX (AP) – An Arizona Senate committee has approved a bill giving law enforcement the right to destroy legal medical marijuana it seizes during the course of an investigation.
Interesting Story on protectionist vertical integration on Colorado Public radio staring a talking easter island head…
News: Should Pot Shops Grow Their Own Product?
here are the rec’s from the last regulatory meeting: take a serious look at RF10, we cant let this happen, we need to support local rule on this issue.
Blastards in the news!
Any time you mix chemicals with anything, and youre doing it in a not properly ventilated laboratory-type setting, no matter what it is, you are posting a huge risk to yourself as well as others, McKone said.
Lakewood Police Suspect Illegal Activity Led To Shed Explosion – CBS Any time you mix chemicals with anything, and youre doing it in a not properly ventilated laboratory-type setting, no matter what it is, you are posting (sic) a huge risk to yourself as well as others, McKone said.
From WA state, more pandering and slandering from the mainstream media…
even Gil is disappointed w the obama regime White House Drug Czar Makes Admission About Marijuana White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske recently gave an interview with Canada’s Maclean’s Magazine and appeared to candidly criticize President Barack Obama’s administration for falling short in its effort to address marijuana policy. “The administration has not done a particularly good job of, one,
caught on tape… David Frederick’s marijuana bust: Pot arrests by surveillance camera?blogs.westword.comAfter the passage of Amendment 64, and its signing by Governor John Hickenlooper, adults age 21 and over could…|Push_Back_Against_Pot greenwood has gone insane!
Another greenwood type model, but at least it isnt that extreme…
No marijuana on Dolores public”If someone next to you lights up and you don’t like the smoke, this allows us to handle the situation,” Green said.
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