Denver Direct: Walmart Rolls Over Neighborhood Groups

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Walmart Rolls Over Neighborhood Groups

(From the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle)

 Insiders Say Hancock Already Has Seven Council Votes For Tax Breaks;Trader Joe’s Denies Plans To Come To Denver

by Laura Lieff
Notwithstanding adamant neighborhood opposition city insiders say that the Walmart development will go through and that Fuqua Development will receive substantial tax subsidies. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is reported to already have in his back pocket a majority of council members (seven out of 13) for the highly controversial tax rebates.  (emphasis added)
Neighborhood groups nonetheless fight on against a project which they believe will substantially diminish property values in all of the neighborhoods near 9th and Colorado. In mid-August Congress Park Neighbors, Inc. held a neighborhood assembly where 89 percent of the voting residents voted to oppose the Fuqua/Walmart development. (Read entire article here).