Denver Direct: All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Sept. 24, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Sept. 24, 2012

I camped on Cottonwood Creek, Hiked the Colorado Trail, Hit the Hot Springs, and still made it back to Red Rocks to take my b-day Furthur thanks to some great friends! — My 39th Birthday! 

Hey Now,

Another week where I couldnt get to an internet signal on Sunday, so here we go and just like last time you will get until Noon on tuesday to get your weekly savings locked in…. But if you are in the Co Springs area you need to order ASAP so we get your order made since your delivery day is Tomorrow!  
The “colors” are at peak intensity so go check out a rural MMC and make a new friend… I can honestly say there were more cars on Kenosha pass last Saturday than every other time I pass that way all year added together, so think about making a weekday trip if you can! And Please if you go cruising real slow, make it up to the locals by supporting a locally owned small business instead of a chain restaurant or store! 

Thank Goodness its a slow news week, and we can get to the sweet savings all the sooner! 

As I predicted the latest letters are on again (not to my knowledge in Colorado), and the 45 days will hit right on election day for maximum media coverage… not sure who this helps, but I am sure that our current two party forprofit system is broken…  

just a general poll, my Med card expires in 7 weeks, which Doctors are the most trustworthy, and what kind of turn around times are we seeing on average? What are we spending on these appts?

and now Sweet Ass savings! save money by ordering on time!

Really Truly Final Week for Key Lime, I thought for Sure we would use up the final few Key Limes last week but there are a dozen or so left so lets use em up and stock up anybody who desires these 85mg gluten free awesome tasting edibles. $5 wholesale. 

Toffee Iced Coffee Cheesecakes… This week marks the end of September, and so the end of these gluten free 125 Mg medallion core bad boys too, Order by noon on Tuesday and get $0.25 off every Toffee Iced Coffee cake you order! 

New Freekin 115Mg Product… MAS Y MAS… finally a spicy latin themed chocolate offering with a name to offer long overdue tribute to LA rockers Los Lobos!!! a partner for the strong selling Triple Crowns so now there will be two pink label chocolates! Mas Y Mas is a layer of dark chocolate, a layer of chipolte pepper infused milk chocolate with sweet dried cherries, more dark chocolate, and roasted salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds). Eiii es caliente! The Capsicum from the chipolte pepper is a natural pain reliever and they’re Gluten Free too!  Wholesale is $6.50 but if you order by Noon on Tuesday you can have $0.25 off all your Mas Y Mas spiced chocolates… 

Apple Crisps! can we get a Hells-a-yeah! for this product? Cause we are getting some very good feedback on this one to our website! Organic CO grown apples, Vegan, Gluten Free, low sugar, and so fucking tasty you might hurt yourself if you dont use self control and stop before you eat the whole thing! 275 real Mg THC wholesaling for just $9.00 each… order by noon on tuesday to save 5 % or $0.45 on each apple crisp you order!

All Kinship Bars are 5% off this week if ordered by noon on Tuesday! 

All Balsamic Nuts are 5% off this week too! 

This week order any combo of stuff that comes to $175 and we will send your shop one size Large t-shirt or one size XL t-shirt, or one size XXL t-shirt (the only sizes we have left!!!) as a thank you!  these are the sweet long sleeved shirts! 

Thanks for reading all this once again! WE really do value your support!

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