Denver Direct: All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Sept. 3, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Sept. 3, 2012

Hey Now, 

Sorry so late this week, had a few weather, traffic and automotive issues on the road this week, and a few nights in the old damp tent, somehow both me and the dog each blew out a knee, aw hell, fucking Foggy Mountain Breakdown banjo solo should just be playing in the background of this weeks intro! but never fear there is always news! And for the record I am working from home instead of coming in to the office on monday (since all my grocery suppliers are closed, plus there’s free hot dogs to be had, and on my budget you dont miss free food!) but you can order what ever you like by phone at 303 922 3661, just leave a message, or by clicking reply to this message and shooting me an email of your hearts desires. even if there is confusion or changes as long as you show your intent by 7pm on monday you will get any monday discounts that may apply to your order! 

Apparently some one time readers have taken umbrage with one of a series of emails I sent you concerning the MMED’s erroneously released Licensed businesses list which all of you have seen but which the MMED has seen properly to remove from their website. In the interest of showing good faith on an issue which timely regular readers know has been clarified at least twice already, I would like to begin this week by again reiterating the bullet points from my communication with Laura Harris on the topic of the “list” #1. you CAN do business with any MMJ business that is in process on their application with local and state agencies as long as that business has not been denied. #2 At this time there is NO list of denied MMJ business licenses.  #3 If a business has not paid their state fees at the time the state comes back to do a final inspection (businesses that have passed their final inspection but have not paid should expect another MMED communication requesting immediate payment soon) that business will be expected to pay “promptly” (1-3 days) or be denied, So Pay Those Fees! (this is what the list reflects, businesses which have paid the state fees AND passed final MMED inspection, that is all; many businesses have done one or the other, and the process to do final inspections of minor compliance upgrades is ungodly slow unfortunately… this list does not reflect licensed businesses or the “local approval” process.) As of today NO MIPS have been denied, and ALL non-listed MIPs are in a pending standing with the State, which allows you to continue purchasing from them. I urge my readers to continue to support all the businesses they have built relationships with during the licensing process and work together to ensure that the greatest good of patients (keeping these businesses licensed, open and legit) is always put before profiteering. I am sorry if my 1st communication caused any more confusion than the MMED’s list itself, As you know I sent a clarification the next day showing my communications with Laura Harris, which I should have waited on before informing you of the release of this list (which was released at the very end of that work day, and came to my attention in the evening). I obviously was overwhelmed by the whole BS of it all and should have spoken more cautiously by simply giving you the link to the information instead of rushing to add my judgements. Im sorry. 

Have you all heard about the ruling this past week from the MMED concerning shared OPC use and the standards for shared Common ownership? This is deeply worrisome on the heals of the ruling that makes MMJ business contracts federally Moot. I am baffled about this unpromulgated and in my view unstatutory interpretation of 1043, there was never even so much as an email to advisory panel members to ask for feedback which makes this all very suspicious and I gotta wonder where this is coming from (consolidation? who gains by this?). This is the wording Section 12-43.3-403(2) (growing in the same location when there is a commonality of ownership) that “common owner” means IDENTICAL ownership of all businesses involved, ie participating businesses must have equal ownership in all Businesses.  
12-43.3-403 (2) Optional premises cultivation licenses may be combined in a common area solely for the purposes of growing and cultivating medical marijuana and used to provide medical marijuana to more than one licensed medical marijuana center or licensed medical marijuana-infused product manufacturer so long as the holder of the optional premise cultivation license is also a common owner of each licensed medical marijuana center or licensed medical marijuana-infused product manufacturer to which medical marijuana is provided. In accordance with promulgated rules relating to plant and product tracking requirements, each optional premises cultivation licensee shall supply medical marijuana only to its associated licensed medical marijuana centers or licensed medical marijuana-infused product manufacturers. 
here is my judgement on this: This is going to have some serious ripples as some more very promising baby birds are probably about to get pushed out of the nest. I see this as counterproductive timing to the scramble to get state fees settled and determine who will be eligible for licensing as this will add weeks of big fish swallowing their smaller fry satellites, further muddying the waters heading into the election. If you are on the Little fish side of this scenario please please bare in mind that a Colorado judge ruled all MMJ related contracts federally null and void, so you will likely want to make your settlement in full, lest somebody try to pull a stank’ley on you later. I foresee some tough discussions soon where the money to make settlement is claimed not to be available, and the lil guy is on a tenuous contract followed quickly with a “so sorry, buh-bye”….  I see this equation in the long run: Increased urgency for original owners to give up even more of their businesses to those warehouse holders who forced the 70/30 on the industry +  Decreased variety and quality for patients due to mega OPC warehouse profiteer mono crop weed = no bueno amigos. 

Did anybody else catch Ron Elving of NPR’s inpromptu interview of John Suthers? Why are we allowing this kind of partisan behavior from a state official? 

Oh Ms burbach, and yet you are still the state’s star THC witness… even though all your expertise is from 30 y/o studies of mice! 

we know all about this one here in Colorado, just ask Mr Benior…  

and this on top of dry wells and fires? Drought Assists Police With Marijuana Finds

Well their governor (clinton) might finally inhale, way to go Arkansas! Medical marijuana backers seek inroads in South

lets see him try to blame this one on Colorado! 

Something occurs to me that explains a lot of the missing pieces of why I have not been crazy about trim machines. I have to say that I have always preferred hand trimmed Medicine myself and my entire trimming experience has been by hand, so I never used one of those machines personally… when a client mentioned off-hand that he was spraying his machine down to oil it with Pam cooking spray my head reeled, Pam contains both Butane and Gluten…. so basically the buds and trim from a machine sprayed with Pam would technically not be Gluten free and would not be Solvent free either, two things that are SUPER IMPORTANT to me. Thankfully there is an easy solution which is to go to a cooking or chef specialty shop and get a hand pumped solventless aerosol oil mister for about 15 bucks and fill it with any pure oil you like, may I recommend HEMP oil! In the future we will be diligently inquiring about this issue before accepting any trim in trade and only taking clean trim from MMCs who certify their product from gluten and solventless sources! We only use whole plant product to produce our infusions because we know that we get more of the CBDs, CBNs and other vital phytonutrients from the process that we use that way. 

CO secretary of state Scott Gessler should be removed from office ASAP State Integrity: Tiny Fine for Big Campaign Finance Violators

sales n new stuff SALES AND NEW FREEKIN STUFF!!! and sales and SALES and $ales!!! 

Toke’n’Baked Apple Crisp! brand new week #1 for something I have wanted to do for about two years now (I saved for a freezer, on top of what I saved for fees etc… long term lean living is payin off now!), we will see how this one goes and then I may bring out a few more Toke and Baked at home items. Basically this allows your patient to pop a fresh wholesome vegan and gluten free 275mg Active THC apple crisp from their freezer into their oven at home while they eat dinner or put the kids to bed, and then sit down to a piping hot, super potent, bubbly gooey but still healthy, treat fresh from the oven as if they made it themselves. This item is so potent it is ONLY for AT HOME consumption, so we froze this shit to keep folks from gobbling it up in the car! You will need a freezer to retail this item, we are going to wholesale it for $9 and hopefully you can retail for a lil less than doubling maybe even do it for say $15 in this our 3 year anniversary month to help us intro the product… if you order before 7pm on monday, the 1st 6 Apple crisps you order I will wholesale you for $8 each, and thank you in advance for taking roll of the dice on my latest creation, I assure you my staff and I have put a lot of research into this product to ensure we can be very proud of the results. Our recipe printed in this edition of the Chronical from Westword is based on a milder version of this product if you want to read the link! 

this is Week one of the Birthday Anniversary $3 cheesecake promo… to celebrate our third anniversary (Always with the same sole proprietor/product originator, ALL fees local and state paid in full, We made it this far on our strength of sales with no investors, and the same great original recipes handmade from scratch! also we give back to the community with patient advocacy & activism… all of  which are rare claims to make in the MIPs biz!)  
Basically a patient can ONE TIME (and please only once per patient) in the month of september come buy any one regular price Twirling Hippy confections of any variety and get a 65mg green label cheesecake for only $3…. your MMC saves a record of how many $3 cakes you do and I replace those items to your MMC fresh and for free! so you get to move some back stock and make a few pennies and I get patients excited that they got a screamin deal on a cake from us on our 3rd birthday! Only the base price 65mg treats can be used for the $3 item so if a patient has a gluten allergy they can try a 65mg green label chocolate as a substitute, but we want new folks to try the cakes! 
Key Lime, This week, and maybe next, get em while you still can. This miracle case of real Key Limes is a one time treat from a Florida former fan, usually we only get these in March, but the seasonal winds have smiled upon our birthday month with an unexpected and short lived treat, please make sure your patients understand that we will only offer special flavors like Key Lime or Palisade Peach while we can really use the honest named ingredients so they may be here one day and something else exciting will follow close behind (pumpkin!)  Key lime is 85 mg active THC and wholesales for $5, this week get up to 10 key Limes for $4.65 each if you order by 7pm monday the 3rd. 

Last week or two of Palisade Peach Cheesecakes… I hate to say it but the quality of peaches we are seeing out there on the western slope is really dropped off this last trip. I did secure enough good peaches for hopefully this week and maybe next but I will not give you an inferior quality cheesecake with faked flavors so bare with me and stock up while you can!  regularly wholesale for $6.50, Monday discount get up to 10 Palisade Peaches for $6.15 if you order by 7pm on monday the 3rd.  

Chocolates deal of the week! 
All 65mg & 85mg chocolates (this does not includeTriple Crowns) ordered before 7pm on Monday the 3rd will be $0.25 off.  fucking A that is a deal, limit 4 dozen please. order early for best selection! 

Healthy Deals! This week we will do a sale on the Afghani Lemon Ginger and Harvest Haze Kinship Bars 10% off, so $4.50 each if ordered by 7pm monday the 3rd. 

Thank you once again for reading all of this, I hope none of this week’s bad news applies to you, and if it does you know I am here to listen to you and give whatever advice I can. 

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections, LLC
303 922 3661 

Ah the republican convention… the only place on earth where global warming is the nominee’s biggest laugh line, and yet people respectfully take seriously an old man arguing unsuccessfully with an empty chair….