Denver Direct: Side trip to Heeney, Colorado

Friday, August 31, 2012

Side trip to Heeney, Colorado

While we were driving around in the mountains north of Silverthorne, we felt a compulsion to drive to Heeney, Colorado when we saw it on a map. We couldn’t stop saying the name – Heeney, Heeney, Heeney. Once there, we saw this sign:

…which led us to stop at this establishment. The proprietor came out and we had a conversation about wildlife in the area. Bears had become a problem because the drought had made their natural food, berries, scarce, and the trash pick-up had been reduced to once every two weeks. This was a problem because they had to keep their trash indoors until pick-up day.
She also told us a story about the old owners of a near-by ranch, who always said that when they died, they wanted to come back as eagles. After they passed, a pair of nesting eagles had taken up residence on their property. She even showed us the photographs to prove it.
 ‘Tis a privilege to live in Colorado.