Denver Direct: Local local news – Free Food on the Street

Monday, August 6, 2012

Local local news – Free Food on the Street

by Gerald Trumbule

I headed over to 22nd and Marion to take pictures of the Cleeves Memorial Church street fair because my partner Pat volunteers there. Despite the heat, there was a good turnout. The Cleeves Church is a “food ministry”, i.e. they give away food to needy people and prepare a free hot meal for the homeless every Saturday.
In addition to having a chance to dunk one of the Pastors (see picture below), you could help yourself to free fried chicken, hamburgers, and corn on the cob. Free bags of groceries were available to families in need, and voters were being registered.

Pat on the serving line
Trying to catch some shade
Dunk a Pastor, even if he is praying
Colorado State Patrol, with new patrol cars, very fast,

and very high tech

Officer did not know how much they cost, but said they got 10

Free groceries for families in need
and voter registration.