Denver Direct: All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Aug. 27, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Aug. 27, 2012

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Hey Now, 

Arrrrrgghhhhhh some days are too damn long, here is as much politics and promotions as I can handle this late at night. 

“Complaints may come to us from any source. For the proposed MMJ outdoor advertising ban, *my guess is that they would come from an advertising dispensary’s competitor* or from random folks who know about the new law.”- Tom Downey, Denver C

ity Attorney, commenting on enforcement of the MMJ advertising ban. 
*s inserted by me to show MMIGs strategy / true colors…. 

upon re-reading this quote it becomes obvious that even the City Atty knows that this law was not written on behalf of, or for the use of, average citizens concerned about their exposure to MMJ advertising. Even Tom Downey fully enters into

 this ban expecting the primary users of the complaint system to be competitor businesses and maybe the very limited portion of the “random” public who are actually aware of this new law… but wasnt the premise used to push the ruling, that the public was clamoring for this law?
Why are the very limited time and resources of the Denver City Council (the intention baring quote comes from Downey’s email to City Council members) being wasted on writing custom tailored laws to assist MMIG in their quest to eliminate all fair competition?
Why did the council people vote unanimously to support a bill when the narrow intent is obvious to even a lay person like me when reading Mr Downey’s email?
Why does the City Council continue their failed relationship with MMIG, when there are many independent businesses who actually pay their retail taxes as well as City of Denver, and MMED state licensing fees, that the city should be supporting instead?
For Shame….

I really thought this article was fantastic and balanced. a MUST READ! 

You already know most of this… since you are getting the breaking news before it hits the blogs! 

these are picks I snapped at the NCIA travesty of a meeting Wednesday night, I felt that the event was eh… another noisy bar, and controling situtation where attendees didnt get to ask direct questions, most of the questions were dodged and the moderator seemed to be muffling/editing the questions to dumb them down,(maybe the gravitational pull of her giant ass was making reading the print difficult?) But most egregious was the attitude represented by the way MMED employees feel about the nice SUVs we bought them…

this article leaves inquiring minds hungry to know if the food these guys stole was medicated?

Duh, if they wanted something to eat, They should have just read my recipe in this edibles article in the latest chronicle….  If you dont get copies of the chronicle delivered to your MMC remind me to bring a few your way so you can read my first published thingy! 

National MMJ round up:

Anybody who remembers back 6 weeks to the lines of obese people waiting hours in the hot sun to shorten their lifespans by eating carcinogenic chicken sandwiches in order to prove their allegiance to an agenda of Hatred, “in the name of free speech” understands why Republican TheoCon ‘Guy-know-cologist’ Todd Akin is still a “legitimate” candidate for Senate in the state of Missouri in 2012…

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Have a Great night, or enjoy reading this with your Monday coffee as the case may be!

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