Denver Direct: All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Aug. 13, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Aug. 13, 2012

Hey Now, 

There has been a minor glitch in the system that stored the contacts for this email list, So I went through every email in my danged computer to try to ensure that all active clients are receiving the newsletter each week. gotta say after almost three years of weekly writing these lil love notes to y’all I was kinda confused as to who was an active client and who were people that were using the info without supporting the source (you know who you are…) If you just got this after not getting it for a while or dont want to get it anymore just reply with your hearts desire I can make changes…. If you havent ordered in a while you may not know how may awesome new and stronger products we have now, if you want to get into the cheesecake posse and make an order just give me a call at 303 922 3661… 
Leading off this week with a smile and some “heroism”!

hmmmm and dont most of these SUV’s cost more than some folks annual salary? yes, they cost $30,000 each, but we’ve leased them, so really more… priorities priorities… We need to get the media to stop portraying this a a burden to Colorado tax payers, and we need a good atty to sue the state because in reality this excessive waste was not funded by the entire taxpayer base of Colorado, this flagrant mis-use of funds was ultimately paid for on the backs of 100,000 Coloradans so ill that their doctors recommended Cannabis to aid their day to day health… and that is a fucking crime, although I feel like Matt Cook may have done this on purpose for reasons yet to be revealed… kinda interesting in context of the quote on KUNC this morning from Tom Gorman RMHIDTA director (see lats week’s newsletter if you dont know who this is) saying that the MMED has failed and the state should take over running MMJ operations “if this is really about taking care of sick people”…

I want y’all to know the background on this story because this shit did NOT happen in a vacuum. This goes back about 8 weeks or so to the 1st of 2 cases where members of our own industry used this very argument in defense of their bad behavior to their former employees and previous owners of businesses they had purchased, and brought this ugliness out from under the slimy rock where they live to poison the well for all of us, and at this point these bitches need to be exposed to light… So up 1st up my legal and insider (unconfirmed heresay I am repeating as solid speculation) sources both tell me Elutherian (keef, beyond mars, etc…) defended their court case brought by unpaid former product developers for unpaid services, with the “MMJ is federally illegal so contracts are not federally binding. arguement”, but the case was dropped and under intense pressure from industry attorneys Elutherian was persuaded to drop that line of defense, and no precedent setting ruling concerning this argument was made. A few weeks later an even dirtier bunch from a group calling themselves Boulder Ventures is alleged to have refused to buckle under the same legal pressure to keep this argument out of our issues locally when they were supposedly being sued by former owners of an MMC they “sort of” bought or stole depending on who’s side of the story you hear… So the argument got bandied about the denver courts and the only folks who gossip about the doings of the MMJ set as much as we do are the legal bunch… So lawyers on both sides heard about the issue, and it got spread around the various golf courses and judges chambers like a game of telephone… and unfortunately the case concerning Blue Sky came before a judge who wanted to set a precedent the would be detrimental to the MMJ industry so he thought he would test the fall out from the rumors that had been flying around the court system for weeks… so now you know the whole background, and who is really to blame for our unfortunate current circumstances if you want to hold them accountable.   

I keep telling y’all what an utter Ass-hat the Evil Leprechaun and his MMIG handlers are, you can link in here to watch them in action as they sell out the patients and MMJ businesses by embracing language so strict in their “Outdoor advertising Ban” that T’shirts, and other personal expressions on peoples bodies (tattoos? after all one or two have branded themselves with their store logos etc.. ) to fines and penalties. This is live footage of the Denver City Council meeting, non-denver locations dont assume that you are exempt since clients wearing your shirts, hats etc are subject to this nazism. You can thank MMIG (an irrelevant group with only 3 or 4 remaining big-money rip off the investors and patients oriented members) for encouraging this distraction while real and serious problems plague our industry. 

we all know that growing in your backyard is not a profitable way to turn out quality plants, this seems more like the efforts of a mis-guided elder in distress than a business plan. Free this man ASAP. 

note that the Macomb County Drug Forfieture Unit has helped funded this. They are coming after Marijuana users. If the MI Senate passes the Marijuana Bills the patient/caregiver records WILL be given to local police who will go after US like shooting fish in a barrel. Not to mention that closer to home this is the same protocol “NOT discussed” at the CBI/CDPHE information sharing meeting activists crashed months ago. The state of CO has kept all further info about the “criminal information sharing system” under complete lock down in violation of open meetings and sunshine laws. this is not somebody else’s problem it is a national problem.

in counterpoint, this is a DOJ funded research posted to the DOJ website (at least briefly)! 

maybe this bill is the response to clear thinking on this issue… Im really impressed with Barbara Lee. 

this ad may be the appropriate response.  

Political ad of the summer! and from a TX candidate no less… freaking progress friends! 

The drug war has led to America being the leader in incarcerations around the world, ahead of China and Iran. 
Even if you don’t approve of someone smoking pot there are better ways to spread that message than throwing them in jail and paying $35,000 a year to keep them there.
Join us in standing up against more government involvement in social issues.

This story shows an example of stupid advertising, even though the sentiment is solid, the choice by NCIA (the main $$$ behind A64) to locate their billboard in Grand Junction 100 miles away from the nearest legal MMJ business and in DUI profiteer Steve King’s district which has already pre-emptively banned any legal implementation of A64 ( ) should it pass is redundant and pokes the anti-mmj bear so to speak. I guess that is what comes of investing our local patient money into outside special interest groups who are not in touch with local issues. sure it looks good but we could do it better and keep our money local if we got organized. 

I have been in a state of distress for weeks and months about the pending election, the demoralizing de-education of american citizens, the widening gulf that divides our country both financially and socially, wo

ndering are we on the brink of martial law or civil dissolution of the USA and what this all would mean for me and the MMJ business I have spent the last 20 years of my life working on. I came to the epiphany that I could worry myself sick about all the bad stuff I see happening and the potential consequences thereby contributing to the negative energy spiral that is gripping us all… Or I could keep my head up, keep my eyes open, and stay focused working on my long term goals for myself and my business as if we live in a world where following your dreams was the right thing to do. If our thoughts become our actions and the potential we embrace influences our future reality I choose a better tomorrow, because I want to live in a world were I follow my dreams, not my nightmares.

We have had a rash of people ordering items and then refusing portions of orders due to being un able to pay for the order. This is NOT ok. Starting this week you must cancel your order 36 hours before your date of delivery (that means by end of day Tuesday for Thursday delivery) or you must pay %25 of your order costs to off set the waste generated on our end both in cost of goods and unnesc. payroll hours to make goods for orders that must be destroyed. I want to remind you all that each and every order is made custom each week for you all and we will happily make you as much or as little product as you like but we can not just make it up and plan to sell your custom order to another random client after it has been in the delivery truck all day, so please work with us on this one. Orders where a portion of the order is refused for funding issues will also not receive the discounts that may have been applied to them based on time of order or volume ordered. 
SALES, sales, $aLeS, sales, SALES, Sales, $ales, sales…. 
yep here’s the part you scanned over the important shit to read! 

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