Denver Direct: All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – 7-8-2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – 7-8-2012

  • Vive la Bastille en pluie!‏

Hey Now, 

I think I can finally get a lil sleep now that it has rained, but please be careful because the ground is still really dry and the pine needles are snapping underfoot an hour after the downpour hath past… So patients should stick to edibles for forest safety!  
We are still picking up Donations for victims who have lost their homes, but let us bare in mind that my delivery truck is just a lil chevy S-10, not the DAV, if a person has more than a small garbage bag or so, they need to donate directly please… and right now we only need items for the Free store to give to those who lost their homes, we are just going to store a few items for  future evacuees for the remaining summer months since one rainstorm does not put an end to the fire season and we want  to be ready to go at a moments notice with donations. 
We are going forward with the Medical Cannabis Community Blood Drive… covering a two week window where MMJ industry workers and patients can donate at any time at ANY colorado Bonfils blood center or community blood mobile anywhere in the state using a special code number so that our strength in numbers is registered… And for fun the Blood drive will commence with a Kick Off Breakfast from 7am till 10:30am on day one… we are only waiting on Bonfils to confirm our two week window, and kick off date and location (in denver) most likely Tuesday the 17th of July at this point… 
Do you want to be an event sponsor or donor team, or offer patients who donate blood a “reward”? call me at 303 922 3661 to participate… This is gonna be fun! and give the MMJ community  a chance to do more good than any $ we can give…. 
Post holiday week is a slow news week…. which means you get to the sales all the quicker!
I spent about 5 hours in the early morning of July 4th, celebrating independence day by getting my City of Denver MIPs application in perfect order to turn in, and July 5th at 8am sharp Twirling Hippy Confections was the 1st applicant to turn in the paperwork for a stand alone MIPs license in Denver! I paid my 5k in fees and now all that remains of my 18 year odyssey to become a Legal Cannabis business owner is waiting for the inspections… It’s been a long way up from the parking lot, a big THANK YOU to everybody who has supported me on this journey!
here is the link to get your Denver local MIPs license rolling if you havent already done it… 
this story is no surprise, I have been down to the Excise office twice this week and in two visits i only encountered one person applying for a new MMC license… apparently too few fools are rushing in…. 
This guy is such a bitch… and one with a history… 
Please get your orders in as early as you can, since each item is lovingly handmade knowing what you’d like helps me to plan! 
This is the week for delivery to points south, so dont miss your delivery week… and everybody else lemme know what your heart desires (with in reason) and I will attempt to make it happen! 
Toffee Iced Coffee cheesecakes,  I got the perfect mid-summer pick you up from a post Holiday malaise…. Toffee Iced Coffee cheesecake, 125 mg active THC to fight off hangovers, and a kick of caffeine to motivate you through the rest of the work day! dank Coffee cheesecake with a triple crown white chocolate toffee core…. go take a long lunch and get a nice ice cold treat… It’s the patriotic thing to do & America needs you to do your part! 
if you get your order in by 7pm on monday the 9th the 1st 12 Toffee iced Coffee cheesecakes you order will only cost you $6.00 each, all others will be $6.50… 
Triple Crown Chocolates are taking the town by storm… dark chocolate layers surrounding a thick chunk of toffee studded “green” white chocolate! 115mg active THC, this week all Triple Crowns are 5% off if ordered before 7pm on Monday the 9th of July. 
Savory Snacks… 
you know what is good to eat when it is hot hot hot and nobody wants to cook dinner, a salad with some delicious Balsamic glazed medicated nuts for protein! baby greens, sundried tomatoes, fancy soft italian cheeses, balsamic & peppercorn walnuts… you gotta admit your mouth is watering right? now 85 mg active THC instead of 65…. more meds, same price! 
all balsamic nuts (cashews or walnuts) ordered by 7pm on Monday the 9th are $4 instead of $4.20…. get as many as you want!  
I hope this covers the week… !
Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections, LLC
303 922 3661