Denver Direct: Colorado 2012 potential upcoming ballot issues

Monday, June 18, 2012

Colorado 2012 potential upcoming ballot issues

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On the ballot

See also: 2012 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
CICA Marijuana Legalization Marijuana Legalize recreational use of marijuana with regulations.

Potential measures

See also: Potential 2012 ballot measures
The following measures have been proposed for the 2012 ballot:


• LRCA = Legislative amendments
• LRSS = Legislative state statute
• ICA = initiated constitutional amendment
• ISS = initiated state statute

• Filing cabinet.png = Initiative proposed and filed.

• Clipboard128.png = Initiative approved for circulation

• ExamineBallot.png = Initiative signatures submitted for review.

• StateLegislatures icon.jpg = State legislature reviewing initiative.[1]

Legislative referrals

Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Initiative Process Amendment Direct democracy To revise the initiative process to make amending the state constitution harder.
LRCA State Personnel Amendment Admin. of gov’t. Change aspects to the state personnel system.
LRCA Pay System Amendment Wages Replace performance based pay system with system based on performance and length of service.
LRCA Campaign Contributions Repeal Amendment Elections Would repeal language in the Colorado Constitution that limits campaign contributions from corporations.
LRCA Union Contributions Repeal Amendment Elections Repeals constitutional language that defined unions as government contractors and prohibited political contributions from them.
LRCA Discrimination Repeal Amendment LGBT Repeal language in the state constitution that prohibits laws that ban discrimination against the gay community
LRCA State Employee Amendment Admin. of gov’t. Allow the state to revamp hiring and firing process of state employees.

Citizen initiatives

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Prohibition Ban Initiative Marijuana Legalize recreational use of marijuana with no regulations. Clipboard128.png
CICA “Religious Freedom” Amendment Religion Would mandate that government not burden person or group’s religion. Clipboard128.png
CICA Personhood Amendment Abortion Define the term “person” in the state constitution as the start of biological development. Clipboard128.png
CICA Water Law Amendment Environment Would alter state water laws. Clipboard128.png
CICA Religious Freedom Amendment Religion Would ban the state from interfering with freedom of religion. Clipboard128.png
CICA Property Tax Amendment Taxes Would eliminate property taxes in the state. Clipboard128.png
CICA Handgun Amendment Firearms Would allow concealed carry of handguns without permit. Clipboard128.png
CICA State Primary Election Amendment Elections Would restructure state primary elections. Clipboard128.png
CICA Redistricting Amendment Redistricting Would tweak state senatorial districts by county boundaries Clipboard128.png
CICA Business Tax Amendment Taxes Would eliminate the business personal-property tax. Filing cabinet.png
CICA Judicial Reform Amendment Judicial reform Would change how Colorado’s judges are appointed and how long they could serve Filing cabinet.png
CICA Court Term Limit Measure Judicial reform Would limit the seven Supreme Court judges to two-year terms Filing cabinet.png
CICA “Right-to-Foreclosure” Amendment Admin. of gov’t. Require lenders to prove their right to foreclose on property. Filing cabinet.png

Not on the ballot

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Same-Sex Marriage Amendment Marriage Would allow for same-sex marriage in the state. Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot