Denver Direct: All things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – 6/16/2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

All things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – 6/16/2012

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Maybe it’s just the heat, or maybe its the stark realization that only about 10-12% of the business owners in Colorado’s MMJ industry actually care enough about the legal rights of the patients that support their businesses enough to show up and make a difference at meetings and hearings, but I dont much feel like writing this newsletter week… Yet I am still gonna share what I know with y’all and give you some deals. 

more on that story is here…. 

According to CDPHE spokesman Mark Salley, last week’s meeting, and any future meetings about the database, do not fall under Colorado open meeting laws because the people involved are staff, not elected officials. Further, the meetings are not discussing policy, but figuring out how to implement policy.

“There is no attempt by the [CDPHE] to be secretive about this,” Salley emphasizes. “They are not doing policy. The policy was set forth by the legislature. This is a system being created – not policy. This is staff people working out how to facilitate that — what needs to be done in order to do that.”
Salley says no future meetings planned. However, he adds that since those gatherings aren’t public, the CDPHE won’t be giving notification of any in the future.

Officials have repeatedly argued that the Medical Marijuana Technology Information program does not violate Colorado medical marijuana law that requires the database information to remain private. They believe vague language in HB-1284, which regulated the medical marijuana industry, authorizes the digital connection they characterize as merely a technological extension of how the system operates currently.

“The confidentiality of the information won’t change…only the method of exchanging the information changes,” Salley notes via e-mail. “There is no room for interpreting confidentiality of the data. That doesn’t change.”

The CDPHE will receive funding July 1 to begin implementation of the project. But representatives were unclear about when it would actually be online.
The Office of Information Technology draft seems to have been compiled before any bids on the project were taken from outside software companies.  According to the document, the searches were intended not only to verify “ownership and lawfulness” of medical marijuana, but also to “identify individuals to whom transferring a firearm would violate [Federal law].” According to the draft: “This purpose will be used by the CBI Instacheck unit to determine whether an individual may possess a firearm under federal law. It will also be used by law enforcement for similar activities.” 

Under this draft, law enforcement would be able to search by name, date of birth and ID number on contact with a person transferring medical marijuana, during an investigation, or for a firearms background check. Proposed information that would be provided by the CDPHE upon query by a law enforcement officer include: • Name • Date of birth • ID number • Issue date • Expiration date • Whether or not a patient has state permission for an increased plant count above the standard cap of six. 
The search would be pretty much the same for private caregivers, including whether or not they can own or posses a firearm. Police would also be able to access information on the caregiver’s patients. CDPHE officials tell us those documents are being revised to see what content needs to be changed.” 
After reading all those articles I have two main questions re issues underlined above:
1. “Medical Marijuana Technology Information program” eh? So the “proposed information sharing” CBI meeting I crashed on June 5th where 6 state employees sat WITHOUT any documents, no laptops, no statistics, no state crime records, no record of numbers of after hours inquiries to CDPHE, A PROJECT WHICH HAS NOT BEEN DEFINED NOR EVEN HAVE IT’S WORK STATEMENT COMPLETED and only has 40 hours of collective state employee time into it… has had a formal project name from the State since March of 2011 over 15 months ago… are you feeling safe???
2. I would like to know what LEO’s “Similar activities” includes?

This story is just one incident of this, we know of at least one other dragnet in Broomfield… and I am personally aware of two patient drivers who have had their license revoked because they have been charged with THC DUID,  before their blood test results have even been processed, since the “100 days of Heat” began 3-4 weeks ago. One Driver was with a child at the time and faces additional charges… These statistics will be used agains us in January when the legislative session resumes, so prevent additional numbers by keeping your car’s minor repairs & tags current and keep an eye on the cars of patients you know! 

My Application to the City of Denver for my City of Denver MIPs license is spinning it’s wheels until July 1st, I was told by Ruthie from Dept of Excise that the city is backburnering MIPs yet again until they wrap up licenses for MMCs and OPCs which the city anticipates doing by the end of this month… Denver based MMJ businesses, CHECK YOUR MAIL!!! the City is sending notices of scheduled licensing appt’s for MMCs and OPCs and if you miss yours, you go to the back of the line… 

This article explains the compromises to the constitution created by  the Beinor case…

For the Record I support I-70 not A64 but seriously:   What The Fuck Ken Buck… and on a further note, this is the type of manipulations we can expect from the anti-legal camp.

I think this is an important read for parents, and for anybody who spends time with children… 

We live in a state which has defrauded the Medical Marijuana patients of millions of dollars, illegally obtained funds which our non-elected state governmental agencies want to use to create a computer database to basically criminalize legal medical use… I for one as a patient would much rather see that money spread out to insure better access to needed medical services for all rural coloradans… sometimes it makes me wanna holler, throw up both my hands… what’s going on…

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