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Sunday, June 3, 2012

All things MMJ

  • Ed. note: this is from Jessica LeRoux, aka Beth Gonnaget, who owns and operates Twirling Hippy Confections, and may contain some self-promotion, along with much news coverage.
Hey Now, 

Whoa this year is flying by, here is is time to send your monthly employee and patient logs to the MMED again, they’re due by Tuesday the 5th!  And just because the enforcers are falling apart trying to live by these rules on the budget provided (insert ironic comment about budgetary disparity here!), it is no excuse for us to fall all apart too. Lets keep the paperwork coming, after all they asked for it right? 

We all have a little bit of political homework to do so lets get to it on a rainy day like today so we can enjoy tomorrow!  And of course if you read the all of this news, there will be savings at the bottom for those of you who place your orders in a timely manner.(by monday!) I say Fires be damned I am gonna blaze on through the line and make my way to the 4 corners this weekend, since I will be appearing in person at the grand re-opening of Green Essentials in Glenwood next week! Western Slope folks please help spread the word to get patients from all over the region to come out on June 16th and here my talks about medicating with edibles, and my Q&A about the MMED,CDPHE, the new laws, and getting active outside Denver.  It should be a good time and I promise I will answer ANY Question, and if I do not know the legal answer I will take people’s email and get them a proper answer within 7 days! Come out and see a lil bit of the rest of this lovely state! (if you wanna do an in store event like this at your location contact me at 303 922 3661 with at least 3 weeks notice and lets try to make it happen!) 

I dont know how many of you heard the Colorado Matters interview with Hickenlooper last week, I’ve linked it here if you missed it… Im Quoting the Governor on the THC DUID bill here: “Well this is obviously an issue that is going to come back next year. You know, right now it’s illegal to drive with any THC in your blood. So if anything, we were raising a limit and trying to make it just provide a little clarity. five nanograms. Again that’s enough THC that the vast majority of people are going to be impaired to the point they shouldn’t be driving. That’s what the science tells us. some people can drink alcohol and function with the same reflexes and drive a vehicle just as well when they above a .08% alcohol. You make a limit. This is what the limit is. If we’re going to make sure our roads are safe, we’re going to look at what does science tell us is an appropriate limit and that seems to be five nanograms and then we should hold ourselves to it. ” 
we can all email the governor or better yet use your fax machine as an easier way to reach the governors office. 

Phone(303) 866-2471      Fax(303) 866-2003    Write to the Governor here 

But what I really want to see us do is make use of the public forum provided by Colorado Public Radio, since the host always comments on stories that draw a bunch of feedback, lets use that forum to set the record straight. there are two emails you can use to give feedback linked below, just bombard them ASAP because it needs to be immediate response to make next week’s segment on air. 

Colorado Public Radio

Denver Area: 303-871-9191

Toll-Free: 800-722-4449

Fax: 303-733-3319

Ask a question about something you heard on the air. 

THIS is why neither merely tying our opponents nor defeating the theft of patient money from CDPHE by MMED are not a victory… the state super computer funding has been pulled out of some ass or another and will be up and running before the crime lab opens… Medical marijuana patient-tracking program moving forward
in semi-related news… I wonder if this new $28million Crime Lab with all its toys and testing options has anything to do with the increased interest in prosecuting MMJ Patients by passing punitive laws to target safe legal users… 

News from Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office  another email will need to be sent to the main men in blue down in Chaffee county, address to W. Peter Palmer, Sheriff  & John Spezze, Undersheriff… [email protected] maybe send a copy to the local paper too. [email protected] It is completely illegal for any enforcement agent to editorialize on laws that the voters will be deciding in an upcoming election, especially if they do so on the taxpayers time and dime. Let em know. 

This reminds me of what happened to Ken, I never met this man, but I should not be including murder stories in a newsletter about a fucking PLANT, and we should especially not be doing so for the second week in a row. Sending my sympathy to the family of any person involved in violence. 

The good guys made the news, you can see us representing with the sign I made mid-way through the clip! More importantly we should know if a whole new pool of extremely deserving patients can make use of this medicine within the next 180 days, but of course many veterans will not be able to wait the 180 days, so keep the pressure on CDPHE Marijuana Activists Try Again On PTSD Petition – CBS Denver

and the state supreme court is making Initiative 70 even more pressing by emasculating Amendment 20… CO Supreme Court refuses to hear MMJ case also read… Colorado Supreme Court’s MMJ ruling leaves patients unprotected, plaintiffs say

In Denver they’re talking about banning all signs, which is gonna piss my volatile Vietnamese land-lady off yet again… 

now the national buzz…. 
Hey lets take this story for what it is really worth, a reminder that every patient in Colorado needs to be an extraordinary parent and talk to their child about the health benefits vs the legal stigma of using MMJ, and the consequences to the entire family when resentment of some aspect of the parental situation gets out of hand. We need to be 10 times more engaged and communicative in the lives of our families (our parents as well as our kids) because MMJ isn’t child’s play. I doubt the prospect of being in foster homes was made clear to this boy, nor did he discuss the prospect of forced separation with his 4 siblings, who must pay the price too… Teen reports dad’s marijuana-growing operation |

this one is a weird one, but I thought it might amuse the conspiratoes out there!

and Internationally! i bet they have had a few mistaken offers of free lawn care too!


Yeah, here’s what you read all that for…
This is the 1st return week for the Cherry Warrior Cheesecake… Warriors Come out to play-ay!  another double strength gluten free wonder. this is the one with the dark cherry cheesecake batter and the hand dipped chocolate covered cherry surrounded with medicated white chocolate swirls… fuckin A right! the wholesale price on these is $6.50 but if you order ASAP (by no later than 7pm on Monday the 4th) you will get your 1st Fifteen Cherry Warriors for only $5.75 each and save 15%!  These require a lot of advance prep to make the chocolate covered cherries so please help me help you by ordering as far in advance as you can, if you forget we will still call and check on you! 

Order by 7pm Monday to get 20% off of all Balsamic Nuts (the walnuts and the cashews!) this is the perfect healthy salad topper with essential fatty acids and protein for those days it is just too hot for a cooked dinner! Yum! Take em camping too! 

As of this week all products are now 25% stronger! can we get a fuck yeah! 
We will be integrating the new dosage tiers and label system this week, for sure on the cakes, and on a majority of the chocolates too as we get the  files in from the graphic artist!  Whoo Hoot! this will hopefully make things easier on the fantastic people who actually do the bud tending and help patients recognize and seek out the dosage levels they desire. Pricing will stay the same through the month, but will change a wee bit on July 1st (some prices will be a few pennies cheaper, some a few more!) to reflect the new stronger dosages! 

Isnt it fun to save money and still get more medicine? never doubt that I have your back! If you appreciate what we are doing please tell your patients how great we are, since we cant afford to pimp ourselves with a ton of advertising (we do love the Marquee Music mag!) we will keep the info sheets coming, but we really rely on you and our great relationship with you to let patients know who is looking out for their rights and their taste buds! Please help us keep helping everybody! 

Thank you again for being a part of Team Cheesecake, from the lot to the capitol, it has been a hell of a journey! 

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
2145 W Evans, Denver CO
303 922 3661