Denver Direct: McNulty wins Fool on the Hill award

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

McNulty wins Fool on the Hill award

from Lynn Bartles tweets (last 30 minutes of House session ending at about 11:25pm 5/8/2012 – start at the bottom) 

More screams from the gallery, including “I hope you all ****ing die.” Sargeants clear gallery. 
Ferrandino: Unfortunately, we didn’t get that special Hickenlooper magic at the end.” 
They wanted an historic action on civil unions and they got it all right. The most unreal night in ledge history in light years. 
OMG. Crowd in gallery screaming “Shame on you. Shame on you.” Admonished to be quiet. 
Was told  will now be here in 5 minutes. Press filibuster apparently. 
SHOCKING: Autism bill, drug study, county pest control inspector, measures all presumed dead. 
Driving while stoned, county clerks’ bill on elections, discipline in schools, all are presumed dead. 
Stunning. List of bills that will die tonight just handed out. More than 30.