Denver Direct: Walkabout – March 27, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Walkabout – March 27, 2012

In which I take a stroll around my neighborhood to see what catches my eye. Today, the “Woolley” Dog Park and Gardens at 16th and Josephine is up for review. (See header photo above.)

Recall that the City of Denver paid $6 million for this property which it had previously assessed at $1 million. After that The Better Denver Bond money kind of ran out so instead of the Recreation Center we voted for we got a dog park and garden.

The sign heralding the rec center is getting a little worn, but the dog park seems to be a huge success as a place to park your car. Today there were 44 cars parked around the dog park and about 15 – 20 dogs.

The garden looks like it hasn’t gotten a spring cleaning yet, but it’s still early so I’ll give the gardeners the benefit of the doubt – it’s probably too early to plant – but it looks like winter may be gone for good this year. Still, April, like March, is said to be among our snowiest months. But then again, this March may be one of the driest.

On the way back, I stopped to photograph the East High Parking lot block house. It gets painted every year by the graduating class. A few years back the graffiti got a lot more extensive (all over the pavement at 16th and the Esplanade) and way more obscene. The principal complained that it wasn’t her sidewalk and all but threw me out of her office after I delivered a photographic portfolio of the most obscene stuff to her desk. Nonetheless, the graffiti was removed later that day.

At the corner of 16th and York, on a shiny control box, a bit of understated graffiti.