Denver Direct: Woman Fights Bully, WINS!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Woman Fights Bully, WINS!

Ed: Way to go, Jane
Just came out of three years of HELL and want to thank all my friends that kept encouraging me to fight injustice and for believing in me. I agreed to settle my law suit against a guy named Bill Airy, owner of Poo Free Parks, a company that promotes advertising in public parks. Imagine, I’m a former Parks and Recreation Director that has continued to work for the common good and preserve nature. This guy filed false charges against me all of which were dismissed. To recoup my legal fees and damages I filed a civil suit for malicious prosecution, I WON, can you believe it?!!! I WON my suit!!! Woman fights bully, WINS! THANK YOU to all for believing in me. This is a good thing and it will set a precident for future cases.