Denver Direct: Walkabout – December 21, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Walkabout – December 21, 2012

by Gerald Trumbule
It’s a cloudy overcast day today – perfect for a walkabout in my neighborhood near City Park on York.
I’ve got this thing about giant old trees in the neighborhood. As much as I love trees, I think these old giants should be removed and replaced with trees that are more in keeping with the scale of the architecture they are near. I’ve had 4 of them cut down on this block on properties I owned (at an average cost of $1000 each) and then replanted with 5 small trees that will only grow about 35 feet tall, which is in keeping with the height of the buildings. I contacted the Denver Forest and Trees Department about this some years ago and they told me they don’t cut trees down because they are ugly or out of scale. A few years later, I read that the Curtis Park neighborhood got a grant for exactly that purpose. 

The condo project at 17th and Gaylord got finished. It looks like they redid the balconies. Must have cost a boatload of money…

but they look much better.