Denver Direct: All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – December 2, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – December 2, 2012

Hey Now, 
New flavors are
at the bottom, below all this week’s news… be sure to check them out

Get ready for
some reading next week, the MMED is allegedly coming out with new documents on
Monday. I’ve seen some of the materials and I can already tell you I am going
to need your voices to back me up in the next 28 days to fight for fair new
rules. You can expect a full review of the MMED’s proposed changes within 48
hours of being released. I will say I am semi-skeptical about their timeline
since the MMED canceled their Friday meeting with their input group, making
review of the document before posting to the MMED website on the 3rd a
challenge. But I will be checking the website monday morning and over the day
looking for the post. 
this is up there now… 
MMED Caregiver Cultivation Registration is now available –
please download a copy of the Caregiver Cultivation Registration Form, provide
the requested information and send it our office at 455 Sherman St. Suite 390,
Denver, CO 80203.

and I would
hardly call this redundant, as the MMED does not act to enforce the 6 plant
limit, and local LEO’s need a system to determine who is legit. this is not
perfect, but it is overdue. 

I sent the
Governor a formal letter of request on Tuesday to ask to be included on the new
task force. we shall see… I advise any of you who want a say in the future to
do the same. 
Amendment 64: John Hickenlooper setting up broad task
force regarding marijuana measure
I did get to ask
the governor a pre-recorded question, and when the show played back on CPR I
knew why they pre-recorded me, cause they edited the substance outta my
question… for the record my original question was… “Governor
Hinkenlooper, you had a phone meeting last week with Dept of Justice’s Eric
Holder in regards to amendment 64, can you tell us what strategies the state
discussed with the federal government for implementing or negating a
recreational cannabis market in
colorado. Will the state
government officially ask for federal changes to Marijuana policy to support
the will of the voters?”
so we still dont
know what Holder talked to the governor about for 90 minutes, cause the
question got changed, and the Gov spun it onto Diana Degette who is cool,
instead of answering about the DOJ who historically are not!  

and then there is
this bunch…    if you see a local
organization on this list send them an email to let them know you
this case will
prove as important as the benior case. esp in the coming days of 64, pay
attention folks. 
This story is
great news for those of us who are following the Blue Sky case… read the
attached dismissal by the Judge in this case! This story should stand alone
rather than being focused on how Mr Corry wants to fuck folks for his clients
but still be seen as an OK guy… HA!
Why does the
susan rice story matter?
are a variety of organic compounds, metals and radioactive material (released
in the fracking process) that are of human health concern when livestock meat
or milk is ingested,” said Motoko Mukai, a veterinary toxicologist at Cornell’s
College of Veterinary Medicine. These “compounds accumulate in the fat and are excreted into
milk. Some compounds are persistent and do not get metabolized easily.”

Livestock falling ill in fracking In the midst of the domestic energy boom,
livestock on farms near oil- and gas-drilling operations nationwide have been
quietly falling sick and dying. While scientists have yet to isolate cause and
effect, many suspect chemicals used in drilling and hydrofracking (or “fra …
the Medical Marijuana Industry Group a lobbying agency owned by
corrupt patient pain profiteers, has been 100% in bed with the fracking Lobby
since the day they were founded. WTF MMIG? how can you fight cancer from the
same damn office suite your colleagues use to fight to allow carcinogens in our
water and air. People need to wake up and fight back. BOYCOTT. 

Local Ass fucking Hat award of the week… but really this story
seems BS, for instance how did this guy access an MMC with no red card?
yo dumb old media
patsy dude, next time maybe fly?
then again, maybe

And the SALES you
read the politics to get to…. AND New flavor info…. FUN!!!

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So thanks again
for reading the weekly news, I know there are a bunch of links this week,
(seems like more each week lately) so get a cuppa coffee, you have all day
sunday to finish learning what happened in MMJ in CO this week. 
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