Denver Direct: All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – December 10, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – December 10, 2012

Hey Now,
8 degrees in Nederland while I type away, and we have snow! Got a response to the letter I mailed the Governor last week, and i actually got to fill out an application to join the Governors task force on Amendment 64, wish me luck!

COMPLETED City of Denver MIPS license inspection card… All licenses done, all state & local agencies paid in full, just waiting on some papers to prove Twirling Hippy Confections is 100% legally legit, at least with the state of CO!

If you’re selling a MIPs which is made in Denver and that MIPs doesnt have one of these inspection cards at least in progress, they might have some licensing issues soon, Denver Excise says that only 3 dozenish MIPs have done the Denver license application so far, & only about 30% of those have completed it…

Quote from the State’s A-64 FAQ sheet… “Cultivation, sale, and possession of marijuana for adults age 21 and older is still illegal under federal law. As a result, prosecution of marijuana crimes may shift to the Colorado federal courts within the available resources of the U.S. Attorney’s office. That prosecution could include possession or use of marijuana and operating marijuana businesses made legal by Amendment 64.” read the rest here:

this story is making the rounds… Statement From U.S. Attorney’s Office on Initiative 502
December 5, 2012
The Department of Justice is reviewing the legalization initiatives recently passed in Colorado and Washington State. The Department’s responsibility to enforce the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged. Neither States nor the Executive branch can nullify a statute passed by Congress. In enacting the Controlled Substances Act, Congress determined that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance. Regardless of any changes in state law, including the change that will go into effect on December 6th in Washington State, growing, selling or possessing any amount of marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Members of the public are also advised to remember that it remains against federal law to bring any amount of marijuana onto federal property, including all federal buildings, national parks and forests, military installations, and courthouses.
Marijuana: Rumblings about federal crackdown on Colorado over Amendment At this point, there’s still no official word from the Justice Department about a response to Amendment 64, the Regulate…
Colorado Municipal league is the entity that has helped dozens of localities ban MMJ, now Kevin Bommer is helping towns across the state pre-ban amendment 64 on the bias that 64 does not give local governments enough time to implement new regulations.
note they repeatedly list prohibition as the 1st option for their members to persue rather than regulation. Not to mention that the Voters have had their voices heard, 53% to 46% mmmkay, CML has always had an anti-agenda about Cannabis.
some of these “businesses” are influenced by this malarky…
Amendment 64: Business organizations ask feds to clamp down on Colorado marijuana measure

at least one lil town isnt under the influence of CML… Boulder council: No ban on recreational pot shops for nowwww.dailycamera.comDespite the concerns of City Attorney Tom Carr, the Boulder City Council held off on any action, saying they needed more information and public input before they could even consider a ban on stores selling recreational marijuana.

BUT some other little towns have some issues still, we support you Brad & Karen! go team go!
Medical marijuana ban in Dacono targeted by repeal petition

just in time for Xmas and new years…
Worth Repeating: Suicide Rates Fall In Medical Marijuana States – Toke of the”We conclude that the legalization of medical marijuana leads to an improvement in the psychological well being of young adult males, an improvement that is reflected in fewer suicides.” This story didn’t make it past the network news filters, was ignored by the mainstream media, and numerous mental…

also worth mentioning going into the Big Three weeks of holiday driving and parties, be alert for DUI crackdown. Please advise all patients to drive responsibly and DO NOT MEDICATE IN THE CAR esp during the next 4 weeks.
case in point…
whoa what is up with the goatee? that might actually be creepier than the porn/cop mustache which preceded it…
King Says Delta-9-THC Leaves System Hours After Smoking Pot For the fifth time in three years, lawmakers are pushing for a driving under the influence of drugs per say standard in Colorado. Sen. Steve King (R-Dist. 7) said people suspected of driving under the influence of marijuana would specifically be tested for Delta-9-THC. He says this form of THC does …
see also, now called impaired driving month… remember the highway funding issues with DUI’s back in the 80’s?
National Impaired Driving Prevention Month | The White Housewww.whitehouse.govDecember is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month – a time to focus our efforts toward recognizing the risks and reducing the prevalence of drugged driving.
third on the topic… this happened in Denver in 2010-2011… the state manager in question is still in charge.
FYI: What Do Forensic Chemists Do, And Why Would They Cheat?www.popsci.comEarlier this fall, a forensic chemist at the Massachusetts-based crime lab William A. Hinton State Laboratory was

In Wake of Scathing Review of Fracking Report, University of Texas Revises Conflict of Interest Polinews.sciencemag.orgThe University of Texas (UT), Austin, is getting a hard lesson in what can go wrong if you fail to spot and disclose a potential conflict of interest. UT has been clobbered with a tough outside review, made public yesterday by Provost Steven Leslie, of blunders in a controversial study on the use of…
Fracking wastewater wells were also linked to earthquakes near raton in CO early this week… Remember MMIG is tied to the fracking lobby, and always has been. When you buy meds from an MMIG member MMC you are subsidising the Industry that is poisoning our precious ground water and spreading cancer across the state. It is your right to know these facts, and it is your right to question if your MMC or MIPS is a Member of a group that pays rent on the offices of the CPA (our state’s fracking lobby shares their office suite with MMIG) BOYCOTT MMIG.

and now….
Sales sales $ales AND $SAVINGS!!!

this thursday is the deadline to order customized medicated cheesecake in time for Chanukah, so if you really want that dradle dradle dradle (or room) to spin, get your order turned in! Oy Vey!

THis month’s gluten free cheesecake flavors are Holidank (85mg) chocolate on chocolate with Nuts, caramel and medicated white chocolate drizzle w sprinkles.
and… Peppermint Peace, (125Mg) cheesecake with candy cane bits in it and a Euphoria (dark & white chocolate, peppermint) medicated medallion! mmmm kissing fresh, now where’s that Mistletoe!

save $0.25 each on all holiday cakes ordered by 7pm Monday the 10th.

Kinship Bars are 5% off if ordered by 7pm on Monday the 10th

All Pink Label chocolates are $0.25 off if ordered by 7pm on Monday the 10th…

Order Apple Crisps to warm your patients nights up now that Winter is here! save 5% off Apple Crisps ordered by 7pm on monday the 10th.

Try to project what you might want through New Years and let me know so we can plan our holiday deliveries & days off, please!

Thanks for reading,

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