Denver Direct: All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – November 4, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – November 4, 2012

Hey Now, 

Big stuff for this week! Didja vote yet? if not i have a few last thoughts for you, and i encourage you to vote regardless of whether you agree with me or not! 
WE have some very exciting holiday offers and new products to introduce, before you read all the news, skip down and print out the order form for Full Size patient customized Holiday Cheesecakes and get it out front where your patients can think it over…  Thanks!

a very interesting piece about Cannabis & science… 

the latest # from CDPHE… 104 in august, and that’s not the temprature! 

this is just the centers not the MIPs, but it is very informative, you can see where you stand… I do want to point out that it is kinda fuckered up that the MMED with less than a dozen workers has time to make a list like this for a media story, though they have not linked it to the MMED’s website. 

lets KEEP Kagan! he is a very thoughtful man, he actually listens to patient’s testimony and asks intelligent questions. If you toke, make sure you vote too, and if you live in District 3 VOTE KAGAN he has our back, lets show him we have his!

Gotta love the red-cardless 20 y/o guy at the end of the story who uses the term “clambaked” while being interviewed by NPR, to describe his car at the time he was ups

et to receive a $100 possession ticket… Newsflash Mr Bobitsky… you were better off with that $100 possession fine than you would be with a felony DUI, which is what the post 64 charge will be if you are smoking while in the driver’s seat…

Votes still matter!

here is what we need to end after the election… you know a politician got paid big at some point to foist this shit on voters….

more interesting science! Smart Kids can smoke pot! 

Props this week to William Breathes, 3 years as a pot critic, and still standing! and he got a cover story in the print Westword too! well Done!

SALES AND EXCITING NEW PRODUCTSSSS! Order by Monday and SAVE $$$$$!!!! yea! 

 New! Snozzberry Cheesecake! 125 Mg Active THC, chocolate crust, Vanilla cake, mixed medicated raspberries, blueberries, cranberries… gluten free, available now! Wholesale = $6.50 each, order now and save $0.25 each. 

Full Sized Holiday Cheesecake Offer:  We will allow your patients the fun of creating their very own custom full sized Special Occasion Cheesecake, and we will do the hard work of making it taste great! Imagination is the only limit! All you have to do is display the  order form and help your patient decide what they want, take the patient’s down payment, then scan the order form and email over to me… and we will deliver in time for that patient’s special affair.  the retailing MMC’s take is 25% of the retail price, for simply holding the finished goods overnight for your patient to pick up, and since we know the patient ordering such an indulgent item is planning a party, who can say but that you might get to sell them some flowers too!  PS nearly every option here is gluten free! now can we get a FUCK YEAH! 
here is a pdf of our order form for you to print out and display to patients… and THANKS! 

Ok that is a hella-deal for your patients, we really do care!  here are some more deals for you to pass on to your peeps and homies! 

Kinship Bars: order by 7pm on monday and save 10% on all bars. 

Savory Nuts: Order by 7pm on monday and save 5% on all nuts. 

Chocolates: Save $0.25 on each “Green” 65mg level chocolate ordered by 7pm on Monday…. thats Dark Stars, Twist Arounds, Almond Bros, Hippy Speedballs, Rising Suns, and Ladies! 

we are still offering both the seasonal Pumpkin Walnut cheesecake GF 85Mg @ $5 each
and the ongoing Black Forrest (chocolate, cherries, walnuts) GF 125 Mg @ $6.50 each

Apple Crisp is a great alternative to a full sized cake if a patient is on a budget or has vegan issues. wholesale $9 for 275 Mg THC. wow! get 5% off crisps ordered by 7pm on monday! 

Well that seems like plenty to share for the week, let us know what we can bring you or we will just call and bug you to order anyway! ha! 

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