Denver Direct: All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – November 18, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux – November 18, 2012

Hey Now, 

Have you breathed yet since the election? We have a lot of work to do, so lets start planning and building the relationships we will need to make the next transition in a smart and successful way. Gonna try to bring you just a few articles that let us know what the future holds or give insight to the views of the people we need to help us make recreational sales work in Colorado. Even with the pared down offerings, this is a big reading week, so get cracking… this is gonna be a busy and exciting week, making all your patient’s custom cheesecakes for Thanksgiving… Its been fun seeing the order forms come back with all the crazy combos and mad add-on toppings! Please remember that Boulder & Denver will be getting their orders a day early, and the Mtns will bump forward to Wednesday, so all orders come before the holiday. Order NOW! really, order ASAP! 

And now into the news… 
if you havent already checked out this petition look it over, and pass it along! 

This episode of Colorado matters is very informative about the 2013 legislative session. We need to pay extra attention to the comments of fat-ass prohibitionist Mark Waller, and his stated desire to grab credit for the DUI bill from Steve King’s desicated hands… and his questions about the constitutionality of 64 forcing legislature to act on Marijuana legislation…  rep Farendino at least says he wants to work on the problem. We need access to the Governors special committee NOW! they site the CCJJ vote to approve the rudimentary DUI bill and it is alleged to have bi-partisan support 

from the category of shocking to nobody at all… 

from the atlantic… 

we are gonna miss Ron Paul in the coming battle to decriminalize cannabis

“Importantly, we also need to know whether the federal government will regard Colorado State employees who regulate and oversee the growing and distribution of marijuana as acting in violation of federal law,”
quote from the Hinkenlooper… but very telling in light of the DOR document we discussed last week, about their plans or lack there of…

and yet.. if this goes to court with the Feds, this is the guy that is gonna be defending the law in court.

one more reason we need to get our state’s cannabis regulation done right the first time, we are a role model for the rest of the country… and we need to help non-medical states by spreading the word about Juror Nullification since that is the citizen’s threat that makes these changes move forward judicially. 

this industry has asked for these changes repeatedly, Hmmm maybe now that we’re 1.7 billion in real dollars, the banks want US! They want us bad enough to ask the FED & DOJ to change their marijuana banking policy… wanna bet they get what they want? well that ‘s ok for once its what we want too!

Very very concerning in light of the changes we will be going through in the coming 18 months… if a Federal laws spell out a process for the government to seek forfeiture of properties involving crimes even without anyone being charged with a federal crime. is this the answer to federal non-prosecution of state medical patients, or other users? 

Authors vs Journalists… 
I’ve had a few reporters call me this week in the wake of the election… and all three major publications that contacted me as
ked the same 20 minutes of questions… then when they figured out that I was not selling a souped up story of get rich quick, they started asking the same question… “who do you know in the industry, whom stands to profit from 64?” Apparently actual truth about my 4 years as a legal MMJ business owner do not match the redundant green rush story they had already imagined writing, and they needed another source… I’d say these callers were pretty good fiction authors, but hardly journalists…

case in point… Hey patients who wants some toejam in their BHO, or an armpit hair in their hash? eeewwww that’s bad medicine… usually I like Terri Gross, but this was a crappy guest, and he talks about breaking state laws. 
“The workers are like the Keebler Elves of cannabis. They live among the plants. They sleep there. They’re caring for the plants constantly. They’re deeply, devoutly about the plant, and they’re usually shirtless or walking around barefoot.

“Newsweek Author Tony Dokoupil on his tour of one of the MMIG “Pot Baron’s” warehouses, he visited & wrote about recently…

Amazing! My MMR red card expired on the 15th… and guess what came in the mail on the 15th… My new red card!!! For all my bitching about the broken system, today I give props to the CDPHE & the good folks at Relaxed Clarity, well done!

Im gonna veer off the cannabis and onto a personal note here… 
I have had quite a few different titles and perjoratives applied to me in my long career in Cannabis… Lot Vendor, Caregiver, Huckster, Drug Dealer, Small Business Owner, Activist… and at the end of this year I will be adding a new one… HOMELESS… I found out that my landlords of the past 7 years had been waiting on the election to decide what to do with my Home… and because all of the

kurfuffle in Ned over 64 they dont think I am going to make it through the coming year, since my rent has been late every month this summer & fall… So my lovely home is up for sale and I gotta go… 

I would be heartbroken if all my beautiful artwork, clothes, and nice things were lost or ruined because I tried to hold on to them in 1/2 assed storage. I am planning to keep going with my business as far as I can, and make yet another transition to recreational if it comes to that, along with rest of the industry. I want to keep my possessions and assets liquid at this time to aide me in that agenda. I am having a moving sale at my house on the Saturday after Thanksgiving the 25th… If you believe in me and my MMJ mission please do me and yourself a favor by coming up to Gilpin County and finding some baller-ass tour bling bargins for your holiday gift giving needs… It will help me get the stuff moved out, and I will likely need the cash from selling some of my nicer things to pay my next set of license expenses, so im selling my stuff while Im moving. I would much rather that my friends own my things and enjoy them, then to hide them away in storage. click here to see an album of items offered for sale.. 

Super dealio Twirling Hippy Cheesecake Lady moving sale.
I am posting the prices I paid for each item here, Ideally I would not take less than 85-90% of what I paid, since I never pay full price for anything, and my artist friends have already treated my very well as a buyer, you will be getting a great deal… Make me an offer on anything you like, I will let you know if it is fair…

Ok lets do the weekly SALES!!! and you can get back to living your life, minus the hour you’ve spent reading about our industry today, and know that I thank you for paying attention and caring… 

this is a bunch of the custom cheesecake images, click here to see pix of the cheesecakes we’ve made so far… more pix on monday & tuesday… you can use these pix to help you sell big cakes if you like… 

THis is gonna be the last two weeks for Pumpkin Walnut cheesecakes, unfortunately the supply of pie pumpkins dries up immediately after Thanksgiving, so I am planning to stock up and go as far as we can, but we dont use cans! All Pumpkin Walnut Cheesecakes ordered by Monday 7pm will be 5% off… 

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you can order either or both of two new 125 Mg cheesecakes… Snozzberry or Blackforest. 

by now everybody should have gotten the new 11x 17 purple posters, but if we’ve not brought you an order in the past three weeks you may still need them. Let me know. 

also we are upgrading our website, and it is in progress now, so be patient please…      check out what we are gonna do with the retail locations and if you carry my products and want a weblink here send your link info to Webmasters Dave & Karen,  [email protected]
Pssst dave contact me if anybody not on the master list reaches you so I can let you know their product status! 

I wanna close this week with a BIG THANK YOU to each and every reader, Thank you for offering my products in your MMC, Thank you for being the awesome bud-tenders who support me by recommending THC products, Thank you for being a patient and keeping your red-card renewed and current. This is the time to give Thanks for what we have, and I know that now more than ever this industry is going to boil down to being about the relationships. It is my personal goal to improve each and every relationship from the MMC owners to the individual patients I have met in this business in 2013, even though I feel pretty damn close to you already.  

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
2145 W Evans
Denver CO
303 922 3661- again you can call me anytime with any questions you might have. 

PS If Hostess is gone, how will some members of the MMJ industry provide patients with solvent “sprayed-icated” medible zingers in the future?