Denver Direct: Wal-Mart will not be part of the development at 9th and Colorado Blvd

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wal-Mart will not be part of the development at 9th and Colorado Blvd

Neighbors Statement on Redevelopment of 9th and Colorado
Denver - Do It Right at 9th, formerly Stop Wal-Mart Colorado, released 
the following statement regarding the news that Wal-Mart will not be 
part of the development at 9th and Colorado Blvd.
“We couldn't be more pleased. We are proud of the role played by 
concerned neighbors in communicating to City Council representatives 
that Wal-mart was not the right way to go at 9th and Colorado. It is a 
real victory for 'the little guy'. Councilwomen Susman and Robb were so 
responsive and helpful – we are deeply grateful. Now we can get down to 
working with the developer, the City and CU on a plan that works for the 
surrounding neighborhoods and is truly beneficial for all of East 

Do it Right at 9th is a group of neighbors that have come together to 
push for responsible, sustainable development on the old CU Health 
Sciences Center. The all-volunteer group wants to help ensure that this 
part of Denver can continue to thrive.

From a member of the Stop Walmart Colorado Team:
This David vs Goliath battle is not over.  $prawlmart will continue its march into communities and can only be stopped when neighborhoods band together and get their city governments on board which is a monumental task considering the amount of corruption within City Hall these days.
Unfortunately for Hancock, his regime will be over by the next election IF he decides to run again.  He has turned his back on several Denver neighborhoods as of late and we will not forget when he begins his desperate crawl for votes.  
At the Montclair public meeting recently, it was brought to his attention that w/his coming out early in favor of TIF financing and Walmart coming into this site, he showed his true colors.  Turns out city council members were none too keen about his ass-uming that they would march in step w/his stance.  He said he 'had the votes from City Council' to support TIF and hence, Walmart.  What he didn't count on was that no one likes someone speaking for them and hence, their constituents.  
I'm sure he will take credit for Walmart pulling out and he's already going on record stating that he looks forward to working w/Walmart on other projects.  HELLO!!  Did you not hear and/or read the verbal outcry directed against Walmart?  It's not just the neighborhood surrounding 9th & Colorado, it's the majority of residents and homeowners in the city who do NOT want a $prawlmart in their neighborhood for reasons too numerous to list here.
So 'bye bye' Walmart for now, but we know you'll be rearing your ugly head again and as for you Mayor Hancock, you're going to go down in the books as being known for $upporting Walmart.  What a sad legacy to leave behind...